Mug of Duff – 30th July 2013 – A little bit peckish

67616_570156116363982_1904251299_nAfternoon everyone,

If I’m honest, I’ve been a fairly indifferent fan of Marvel’s Ultimate imprint. I really enjoyed Ultimates 1 and 2, I have the first six Hardcovers of Ultimate Spiderman and I’ve dipped in and out of other titles in the imprint as time went on.

Ultimate Spiderman, just as an aside, was also a damn fine videogame and best Spiderman title I’ve played to date.

My plan had been to collect the other bound collections as they were published and then Marvel switched to the Premiere collections and I just kind of fell behind.

In saying that, I’ve heard mostly good things about the imprint recently so if the rumours are true and Hunger IS the death of the Ultimate imprint then what do you guys think? Would you be sad to see it go?

I like the idea of a fresh take on classic concepts but it kind of feels like it might be unnecessary now that Marvel have turned 616 into a clone of the movieverse which in turn, was heavily influenced by the ultimate imprint. Its like a snake eating its own tail.

So, I’ll ask again, what’s your thoughts on the life and death of the Ultimate imprint? Was it worth creating a whole new shared world or would the DC approach of having select titles like Earths one and two work better?

Let us know

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