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I really felt the need to touch on this, especially today, as DC’s Villain’s Month get under way and idiots the world over start posting comics with 3D cover on eBay for stupid prices that they simply are not worth.

Yes, DC failed to meet retailer demands for these 3D covers, but that does not make them rare or valuable. There is still a SHITELOAD of these books in circulation, and although some poor folks who really wanted these covers may end up paying over the odds, the idiots who are pre-selling 4 issues of Batman for £1000 on eBay are going to end up with egg on their faces, because in 3 months time, these comics will not be hard to find, just horrendously overpriced.

Anyway, that said, I would like to hark back to my fellow BCP admin Chris’s post from last week. Chris talked about how he has dramatically cut his pull list, because he realises he simply doesn’t NEED to know what’s happening in certain books. He’s happy to wait for the trade to be released.

A few months ago, I would have said “I’m happy to still buy them, because I like to build a collection”, but recently, I have myself started cutting a lot of titles, and even offloading some and re-buying in trade. Not because I don’t NEED them, but because they are not worth the 3 pound a time investment. I always liked having my comics all bagged and boarded, but even that has fallen by the wayside, because what’s the point in keeping every single issue of Superman Unchained in pristine condition, when nearly 200,000 people have the same book? Maybe you have kids or nieces and nephews that you plan to pass your collection on to, but my response to that would be “why would you give some poor teenager 50 long boxes to have to deal with? What kind of mean parent are you?”.

Many of the titles I read now get bagged by story arc. If an arc is 5 issues, all 5 issues go in one bag. The only real exception here is Batman, because I view my Bats comics as a collection, everything else is just stuff for reading.

I’d love to hear some thoughts on this. Do you guys collect and catalogue your comics for the sake of collecting, or are you moving with the times (and economy) and collecting in trade? Hell, have you even switched entirely to digital? Sound off!

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