Ceej Says… Gonzo Cosmic #1 review

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Writer/Artist: Garry Mac
Colours: Jim Devlin
Letters: Colin Bell
Cover: Kev Harper

“–and the light changes, and we go.”

Over the last year or so, I’ve been extremely privileged to be able to read a wide variety of self-published comics, covering all manner of genres and styles, from tense unsettling horror to chuckle-raising mirth. But I can say without fear of contradiction that Gonzo Cosmic is like absolutely nothing I’ve read before.

The first issue of Garry Mac’s extremely ambitious twelve-part space epic is a fairly dense read and, in places, can be a little difficult to keep up with. The story twists and turns, throwing bizarre terminology and concepts at us and threatening to drown us in a sea confusion at any moment. That said, the story at the core of the first issue is a fairly straightforward one, filled with swashbuckling sci-fi familiarity.  However, it is the bizarre quasi-narration punctuating the story which hints at the high-concept scale of the overarching narrative that goes far, far beyond a simple ‘story about spaceships’.

imageAt more than one point during this comic, I found myself stepping back slightly and thinking “wait… what?”. And then, in the final few pages, it all suddenly made sense. Well… almost.  There’s a definite beauty to the storytelling, taking what could potentially be a fairly generic sci-fi romp filled with daring heroes and despicable villains and turning it completely on its head with Garry’s almost limitless creativity.  And in a lot of ways, there’s a sense of excitement to be had here as we struggle to wrap our heads around the developments, leaving us feeling almost like we’re one of the characters themselves, being dragged along for the ride.

Garry also provides the artwork here, managing to deliver both claustrophobic close-quarters combat and dizzying, almost hallucinogenic cosmic creations with relative ease. His illustrations are brought to life by the stunning colouring of James Devlin, who brings a raw emotion to his work, particularly cutting loose in the book’s final pages when things start to get really weird.  Having seen the original un-coloured version of this book, it truly cannot be understated just how much depth and emotion Devlin’s  colours add to the proceedings.

I’m certainly keen to read more from this series, as – to be blunt – I’m completely and utterly clueless about just where this story is heading. Excited, optimistic, but gloriously, gloriously dumbfounded.  We have our characters, we have a somewhat abstract premise, but there’s literally a thousand different ways that this series could play out from here on in. In fact, the main clues about the theme and direction of this comic actually come from the creator’s “thank you” notes at the end of the book and, based on what I’ve read there, Gonzo Cosmic is going to be one hell of a ride.

Intelligent, mind-bending sci-fi wrapped up in an extremely eye-pleasing package.  Gonzo Cosmic is going to be one to watch, folks. Mark my words.

You can pre-order yourself a copy of Gonzo Cosmic from Unthank Comics right now, with copies expected to be available any day now.

You can also follow the creator through his website, or on Twitter.

The writer of this piece was: 576682_510764502303144_947146289_nCraig Neilson (aka Ceej)
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