Review – Suicide Risk #10 (BOOM! Studios)

boom_suicide_risk_010Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Mike Carey
Artist: Jorge Coelho
Release Date: 5th February 2014

Jed and Hailey’s black market superpowers business is about to land them in serious trouble as we’ll see in this dark one off issue. A team of rational, creepy, black-eyed spooks are onto them and they have tricky little ways of making you talk/think/dream.

This is a clever and well imagined book full of mind bending ideas. It’s effectively a flashback issue which gives the reader a good look at the background of Jed and Hailey. This is captured nicely with some Sci-Fi horror as Jed is forced to part with the truth and relive some grim and personal memories. The dialogue sounds good and what little narrative there is works well also.

The art packs a punch with some brutal scenes and a lot of thought has went into Sci-Fi gadgets such as the “Teleport Shunt”. The characters look fine with special mention to the cyborg looking bad guys – the over logical creeps that they are. The colours gift the book a futuristic, noir sort of look.

It’s fascinating how much we get through in this one issue. Flash back issues can be worrying. A lot of the time it can feel like needless and self-indulgent padding. Not here. The fact those nasty faceless buggers are along for the ride, probing and judging, make it a pretty interesting one.

This is a nice, original take on the never-dying superhero genre with a bit of grit and cool Sci-Fi. Who doesn’t like all of that?

Rating: 4/5.

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The writer of this piece was: James McQueen
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