Helmet of Nabu spotted in Constantine

jhvjhgjhbkhhkhvbhvfateIn the most recent trailer for Constantine, the helmet of Nabu can apparently be seen. The helmet of course is one of the main pieces of defense against magic belonging to none other than Doctor Fate.

Wether this means Doctor Fate [Kent Nelson , Eric & Linda Strauss, Inza Nelson, Hector Hall, Khalid Ben-Hassin] will appear on the show at any point or if it is a ‘cute’ easter egg remains to be seen. This helmet along with fates cape and Amulet are analogous to Marvel’s Eye of Agamotto and cloak of levitation yet predates them by around two decades–with plans firmly set out for Marvel studios upcoming adaption of Doctor Strange it would make sense for DC to at least test the waters first should supernatural heroes come into vogue.

This wouldn’t be the first time Doctor Fate and especially the helmet of Nabu have been rolled out into other media with Doctor Fate appearing in Young Justice, Justice League Unlimited and a live action version of Kent Nelson appearing in Smallville.

You can see the helmet at around the 1.05 mark…

Constantine is currently scheduled to  premiering on October 24th 2014 on NBC in the US.

The writer of this piece was:
Gary Kane
Gary tweets from @Kanoclassic

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