“What’s on the way?” on NBC’s Constantine


Episode one has aired and I guess the dust is settling on NBC’s adaption of Constantine, will it please fans and viewers alike?

What can those, who have a deep passion for DC’s magic characters or those that just like action packed TV expect to come?

Well as the man asked “What’s on the way?”

Trinity of Sin
The show as is evident, is a blend of previous Constantine/Hellblazer canon, once the back bone of DC’s Vertigo label, the character was recently folded into DC’s new 52 continuity. Which is especially tied to the Trinity of Sin, who based on the easter egg filled first episode are at least hinted at with the presence of Pandora’s Box.

Yet much of the character’s New 52 incarnation has found him either working with, for or against the Trinity of Sin that is made up of The Phantom Stranger, The Question and of course that of Pandora herself.


Doctor Fate.
Kent Nelson, Eric and Linda Strauss, Inza Nelson, Hector Hall, Kent V. Nelson, Khalid Ben-Hassin or possibly even Jasper Winters?, lot’s of names but under the Helm of Nabu they become Doctor Fate. This one was called waaaaaaaaay back after that trailer gave the game away, and yes it was featured in episode one with Constantine noting “Put that down love, before it puts you down” when Liv picked it up.

Is the helmet waiting for it’s true owner, why is it along with many powerful artifacts in Jaspers possessions?

At this point it seems uncertain, but if Smallville can manage to screen their version, it makes it hard to believe fate won’t show up, especially given Goeff Johns was interviewed by Buzzfeed and was quoted as saying

“One of the great things about Smallville was that it introduced Green Arrow, so there was an awareness. And even though Arrow is a totally different character, there was some pre-awareness for the character that, I think, helped The CW get behind the show. The more we can get these characters out there, the more people are aware of them, and become inspired by them. There might be someone out there who sees Dr. Fate on an episode of Constantine and suddenly they love that character and they become a creator later on and tell me they have a great take for a Dr. Fate TV show. That’s what we want to happen. We want to inspire people with this stuff.”

Zatara / Zatanna
Within the comics Constantine has a murky (at best) past with the backward talking Magician Zatanna, having had a physical relationship, this exploded fiery, in many ways when among magic users present at a seance – Zatara sacrificed himself to save his daughter, ever since the pair have been at odds.

Outside of the comics, the characters have shown up in other media for example in the Young Justice TV series, Zatara gave himself to the helmet of Nabu, becoming Doctor Fate in a similar act of sacrifice after Zatanna had been taken as the helms vessel. Additionally to this Zatanna appeared as a reoccurring cameo in the latter part of Smallville, where she was played as both a street level magician but with the general magic abilities she showed in the comics.

This is further supported by backward writing/incantations being spotted among writings in episode 1.


The Spectre
Detective Jim Corrigan is murdered in the line of duty, rather than pass to the afterlife he allows himself to become the avatar of God’s wrath and vengence, punishing those who commit wicked deeds in the mortal realm… is in a nutshell the origin of one of DC’s most powerful characters.

Detective Jim Corrigan has been cited en masse as appearing on the show and has been confirmed by Goyer, so they can either play that one a little differently or let it play out as is, in which case I am sure we are in for a treat (should Jim Corrigan meet his spectral fate).


Nergal is clearly the over all big bad of the series, at this point.

Hell they couldn’t have name checked him anymore than they did, especially in regards to “Newcastle”.

But It seems hard to believe that would be delt with even with a one season arch, complete with big bad facedown ending. This was the demon afterall whom in human form gave a young Constantine his first cigarette, perhaps he doesn’t smoke in the show, but Nergal over most demons seems to seek out and “play” with Constantine more than others have done.

It would seem rather, better to have him pull the strings in series one and beyond.


One demon who Constantine faced that, at the very least should be a monster-of-the-week is Mnemoth, a hunger demon first introduced in Hellblazer #1. In trying to find a way to defeat the demon, Constantine had to seek help from Papa Midnight to take down.

As we already know, Papa Midnight is confirmed to appear throughout the series, so this would seem like a no-brainer.

Assuming that the show will play on some more of the supernatural villains from DC’s books as opposed to just the demons from the Hellblazer books, non make quite as much sense as Eclipto, who at one point represented the wrath or vengeance of God (in a role later assumed by The Spectre) after he turns evil.

Rather than dying, the being was bound to a black diamond, which either as a whole or as slithers have the ability to possess anyone as the embodiment of Eclipso.

A diamond which may or may not have featured in “that easter egg scene” in episode one. [See Below]


Demon Knights
I want an episode where the Demon rhymes,
doesn’t have to be multiple times.

Demon Knights #0Click to enlarge.

Demon Knights #0
Click to enlarge.

Swamp Thing
Constantine will forever be linked to Swamp Thing, Not only fully debuting in “The Saga of the Swamp Thing #37”, finding himself at the big green guy’s side on many an occasion, Both were also staples of Vertigo, until showing up in Brightest Day just a little shy of DC’s line wide New 52 reboot which re-established them in the mainstream continuity of the company.

In one of Swamp Thing’s more daring story arcs Constantine is even possessed by Swamp Thing, so as to impregnate Abigail Arcance, The Green elemental’s love.

But this seems like the hardest to fit with the show, given the fact that in and of itself Swamp Thing is a huge property (more so than Constantine) and the FX needed to render the creature, well this could be one for the wish list.

SOTST #37Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

Other Justice League Dark members
Really I think it depends on who the character is, would the literal embodiment of Frankenstein fit in the show?, probably not but on the other hand someone like Boston Brand, as one of the many apparitions that could be seen seems like an obvious opportunity for a crossover.

JLD #1Click to enlarge.

JLD #1
Click to enlarge.

The writer of this piece was: GARYav
Gary Kane aka (GK)
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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