Review – Starlight #4 (Image Comics)

starlight_04Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Mark Millar
Artist:  Goran Parlov
Release Date: 11th June 2014

Duke McQueen, intergalactic hero, is not a character I ever thought I would find myself attached to. However, the longer I read this series the more I find myself rooting for Duke to one again don the mantle of the Savior of Tantalus. You have this “old man” who was labeled as a lunatic on his own planet and whose family doesn’t want much to do with him, recently having lost his wife, but who has been given a second chance at being a hero again. You can’t help but root for him, and I definitely do with every passing issue.

For the storytelling to be able to suck me in so deeply speaks volumes. Millar has developed such an immersive universe and cast of characters that keeps you wanting more and more. And while Parlov’s art isn’t the most highly detailed in every panel, it fits this story perfectly. Parlov draws as if he is the director of Millar’s Starlight movie, placing his viewpoint at the best angles and only capturing what is important to the telling of the story. But at the same time, when the need for detail is there, it’s there, and handled with a master’s touch.

This story continues to build up to where I hope we will see Duke once again living up to his heroic status. One thing’s for sure, I’m going to be sticking with this series – and rooting for Duke every step of the way – until that happens.

Rating: 4/5.

The writer of this piece was: Shane Hoffman (aka “Hoff”)
You can also find Hoff on Twitter.

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