Review – Sundowners #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

26118 - Copy

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Tim Seeley
Artist: Jim Terry
Release Date: 27th August 2014

Superheroes. Cthulhu Mythos overtones. Paranoia at Alan Moore levels. This could be an 80s throwback, riding a wave of Watchmen nostalgia and Zenith reprints by way of the BPRD. But, luckily, this manages to avoid a lot of clichés, whilst reveling in the genre. The psychoanalysis element could feel past its time, but instead it’s genuinely well integrated into the broader narrative. Our characters could be just crazy, could be superheroes, could be both – it’s a convincing if not entirely original play. And the fact that it opens with a hero apparently retiring to fight a greater threat than lowly crims lends credence to the deluded.

The art’s well realised, though again drawing heavily on the colouring of 80s DC in the vein of (again) Watchmen, Hellblazer et al. There’s generally some retro framing and styling which seems a little too knowing at times, and whilst it fits the tone of the piece it’s a little off putting. But the pace is great, the dialogue snappy and we grow very quickly to like our after-dark vigilantes – our titular “Sundowners”. Worth watching to see where this one goes, as it ticks a lot of my boxes and am keen for the next issue.

Rating: 4/5

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The writer of this piece was: Sam de Smith
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1 Comment on Review – Sundowners #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

  1. you know how many numbers are planned for sundowners ? thanks

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