Screencrapped: Ra’s al Ghul sets sights on Arrow

screencrapped2Keeping you updated on the past weeks movie and TV show news that has been pouring out as of late, here is our weekly Screencrapped article where we have cherry picked and compiled the bigger items from across the interwebz.

DC Cinematic Universe


In the past week there have been a few major stories from the Warner Bros’ lot. Firstly it appears as though Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor will be very close to his comic book counterpart in the sense that he will have the trademark lack of a mane.

Pictures have been circulating around the web showing the actor on set, with a rather odd way of keeping the top of his head concealed, as you can see in the tweet below it would surely only mean he will have the character’s trademark bald bonce.

Martian Manhunter

The BBC asked Benedict Cumberbatch if he was going to be playing Martian Manhunter in Warner Bros’ Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, citing that he had been linked to the role. Not sure where the broadcast picked that one up, the actor replied “That’s a fun one, I’ve not heard that one until tonight, I’m going to let that rumour run.”.

The actor is always in demand so it is hardly surprising to hear if Warner wanted to hook up with him, but all indications thus far have pointed to this line up more closely matching up with that of Geoff Johns current run as opposed to traditional iterations of the team where the character a staple character. Cumberbatch has become a Hollywood player in recent years after bagging roles in both the Star Trek and Hobbit franchises, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they had his name in the hat for a role., but Martian Manhunter just seems wide of the mark.

In the New 52's Justice League of America title.

In the New 52’s Justice League of America title.


It was officially announced yesterday that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s previously unspecified role in Warners’ upcoming Shazam adaptation as the titular characters nemesis “Black Adam”.

This was the prevailing attitude of page followers who took part in last weeks vote for who the former wrestler should play, with the majority of votes cast being for Black Adam. However as pleasing as this may be for fans there is one small problem, it would appear the New Line produced movie will not tie in to the Justice League movie, in an interview with EW — New Line’s president Toby Emmerich stated: “It’s a DC comic, but it’s not a Justice League character, and it’s not a Marvel comic.“. But does this mean it doesn’t tie in to the wider DC Cinematic universe?

It would be a shame if that was the case since traditionally DC’s movies have been insulated from one another so it seemed like the build into Dawn of Justice and the slate of films announced were a step into the right direction.

Johnson in this Summer's HerculesClick to enlarge.

Johnson in this Summer’s Hercules
Click to enlarge.

Marvel Studios

So Strange!

Joaquin Phoenix has been widely reported to be in final negotiations for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, this isn’t the first time the actors name has been linked to the roll, or any comic book role for that matter.

Previously he was heavily speculated to be in talks with DC for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in a role which many thought would be Lex Luthor. However we now know this isn’t the case as Jesse Eissenberg was later announced for the part.

However since rumors of his talk started last week, the actor is said to have held off from jumping into the role. Movie pilot noted that he isn’t the only actor to have previously been hesitant about being tied to one of Marvel’s lengthy multi-picture deals.

Phoenix earlier this yearClick to enlarge

Phoenix earlier this year
Click to enlarge

NuVengers and Captain America

One of the more interesting to stories to crop out of the Marvel camp this past week was that following the end of Age of Ultron was may see the team completely restructured by Captain America recruiting a new team, at least according to Bad Ass Digest.

This is somewhat consistent with Marvel’s past as issue 16 — so him reform the team with former villains Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Hawkeye, but as we know those characters will already be on the team could this be sign that the New Avenger’s, Mighty Avengers or West Coast Avenger’s are in the pipeline?

After all it is understood the RDJ isn’t expected to remain in the Tony Stark roll indefinitely, and other rumors concerning cap have him pegged as tying up his own arc in the third entry in his solo franchise. Perhaps this could mean two teams or perhaps it is a way of allowing new characters to enter. But surely top of that list would be Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man, possibly Don Cheadle as War Machine, possibly Evangeline Lily as Wasp with the un-cast Miss Marvel, Black Panther and Stephen Strange also being top contenders for any future team up.

Cap as he will feature in Age of UltronClick to enlarge.

Cap as he will feature in Age of Ultron
Click to enlarge.


After much teasing from the show, it seems like this season will have Ra’s al Ghul finally step out of the shadows. Just today it was announced that Matt Noble (Riddick) would be taking the role as “The Demon’s Head” in the upcoming season 3.

This news came after former Ra’s actor Liam Neeson said he would return to the role in a “heart beat”, of course with the actor much in demand it is easy to see why that never came about.

Oliver Queen himself aka Arrow actor Stephen Amell welcomed the newcomer in a tweet earlier today [see below].


One strange piece of news this week was that Supergirl may be the next of DC’s characters to head to the small screen.

The character has been on the big screen before in the much despised 1984 movie, which start Helen Slater as Superman’s Kryptonian cousin “Kara-El”, the character surfaced again during the 10 year tenure of the Smallville TV series played by Laura Vandervoort for the shows 7th, 8th and 10 seasons.

The rumor first started when Bleeding Cool that frequent DC producer (Flash, Gotham et al) is reported to be attached to the project which is currently being pitched around to networks.

With DC’s film and TV franchise remaining separate it would seem like a hard sell, running concurrently with the films Superman, may make it difficult to pass elements back and forth as has been the case in the past.

Kara as she has appeared with the New 52Click to enlarge.

Kara as she has appeared with the New 52
Click to enlarge.

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