DC unveils its full post-Convergence lineup!

convergToday, DC unveiled its full post-Convergence lineup, including no less than TWENTY brand new ongoing series’ to go along with the twenty-five current titles that are continuing.  So while it’s not exactly a reboot on par with the New 52, or Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars event, it still represents a sizeable shake-up for the publisher… which, let’s be honest, is no bad thing.

Before we start digging too deeply however, here’s the complete list of the twenty new titles, along with their creative teams.


Annie Wu's Black Canary

Annie Wu’s Black Canary

Batman Beyond
Dan Jurgens (writer), Bernard Chang (artist)

Black Canary
Brenden Fletcher (writer), Annie Wu & Irene Koh (artists)

Constantine: The Hellblazer
Ming Doyle (writer), Riley Rossmo (artist)

David Walker (writer), Ivan Reis (artist)

Dark Universe
James Tynion IV (writer), Ming Doyle (artist)

Green Lantern: Lost Army
Cullen Bunn (writer), Jesus Saiz & Javi Pina (artists)

Scott Lobdell (writer), Javier Fernandez (artist)

Amanda Conner's Starfire

Amanda Conner’s Starfire

Earth 2: Society
Daniel Wilson (writer), Jorge Jimenez (artist)

Dr. Fate
Paul Levitz (writer), Sonny Liew (artist)

Justice League of America
Bryan Hitch (W/A)

Justice League 3001
Keith Giffen (writer), Howard Porter (artist)

Martian Manhunter
Rob Williams (writer), Ben Oliver (artist)

Steve Orlando (writer), ACO (artist)

Mystic U
Alisa Kwitney (writer), artist TBC

Patrick Gleason's Robin, Son of Batman

Patrick Gleason’s Robin, Son of Batman

Omega Men
Tom King (writer), Alec Morgan (artist)

Mark Russell (writer), Ben Caldwell (artist)

Red Hood/Arsenal
Scott Lobdell (writer), Denis Medri (artist)

Robin, Son of Batman
Patrick Gleason (W/A)

Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner (writer), Emanuela Lupacchino (artist)

We Are Robin
Lee Bermejo (writer), Khary Randolph (artist)

Some positive steps being taken here for sure, including David Walker’s Cyborg; both Black Canary and Starfire getting ongoing solo series’ (the latter including a far less ridiculously mysoginystic version of the fan-favourite, courtesy of Emanuela Lupacchino), and a LGBT lead in Steve Orlando’s Midnighter (although the demise of Batwoman as an ongoing series kinda balances that one out).


Dan Jurgens (writer), Corin Howell (artist)

Heath Corson (writer), Gustavo Duarte (artist)

Harley Quinn/Power Girl
Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner (writers), Stephane Roux (artist)

Section Eight
Garth Ennis (writer), John McCrea (artist)


The following titles will be continuing in their present format, and it’s encouraging to see relatively new books like Gotham Academy and Gotham by Midnight getting a vote of confidence by the higher-ups.

ACO's Midnighter

ACO’s Midnighter

– Action Comics
– Aquaman
– Batgirl
– Batman
– Detective Comics
– Batman/Superman
– Catwoman
– Deathstroke
– The Flash
– Gotham Academy
– Gotham By Midnight
– Grayson
– Green Arrow
– Green Lantern
– Harley Quinn
– Justice League
– Lobo
– Secret Six
– Sinestro
– New Suicide Squad
– Superman
– Superman/Wonder Woman
– Teen Titans
– Wonder Woman
– Justice League United


And finally, we have the list of cancellations – some disappointing, some long overdue, and a few lying somewhere in between.  However, it bears mentioning that a lot of the cancelled titles are effectively continuing, albeit with slightly different takes (like Red Hood & The Outlaws now being split into Starfire and Red Hood/Arsenal ongoing titles, for example) so there’s not too many characters being wiped out completely.

Khary Randolph's We Are Robin

Khary Randolph’s We Are Robin

– Aquaman And The Others
– Arkham Manor
– Batman and Robin
– Batwoman
– Constantine
– Earth 2
– Green Lantern Corps
– Green Lantern: New Guardians
– Justice League Dark
– Justice League 3000
– Klarion
– Infinity Man And The Forever People
– Red Hood & The Outlaws
– Red Lanterns
– Secret Origins
– Star Spangled War Stories
– Supergirl
– Swamp Thing
– Trinity of Sin
– World’s Finest

Definitely a lot to digest, and a lot to potentially get excited about between now and June. We’ll be breaking down the key points individually in some separate posts, but for now, let us know what your initial reaction is about this new lineup moving forwards.

Yay or nay?

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3 Comments on DC unveils its full post-Convergence lineup!

  1. You missed Green Lantern: New Guardians being cancelled also…

  2. Good mix of new titles. I see Earth 2 will be cancelled. I used to love this series until World’s End ruined it, not sure if I will check out Earth 2 society or not, as I hate the what DC has done to Earth 2 already. The new Dr Fate title does sound good, I’ve always liked the character so I will be sure to get that. I actually don’t get as many DC titles as I used to, not sure if that will change, tend to read more Marvel and Image, but this post Convergence line up certainly has a lot of new and interesting titles for us to choose from.

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