Review – The Infinite Loop #1 (of 6) (IDW Publishing)

infiniteLoop01-cvrAPublisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Pierrick Colinet
Artist: Elsa Charretier
Release Date: 22nd April, 2015

I took a shot in the dark in deciding to review this book, and I’m glad I did. Going by the title I guessed it would involve some kind of time travel, which turned out to be correct. Teddy is an agent from the future, tasked with ensuring that the time stays the way it is supposed to. This involves her fixing anomalies caused by ‘Paradox Forgers’, who we don’t get to meet… not yet, anyway.

Once she has finished her latest mission she meets up with her handler, Ulysses, who obviously has a thing for Teddy. In order to see the secret den she has outside of space time they have a race, during which Ulysses tries to kiss Teddy only to be rebuffed. It then cuts to later when Teddy is on another mission in which she meets the new anomaly, a mysterious purple haired woman.

Throughout the story Teddy and Ulysses have been discussing love and all the problems it has caused in the past and how Teddy feels that their future – where these feelings are suppressed – is better, although boring for Ulysses. However, that all seems like it is going to change due to this new anomaly and Teddy will have do deal with the feelings she has for the anomaly girl and how to handle the constantly rebuffed Ulysses.

I said at the beginning of the review that I was glad chose to pick up this book and the reason for that is the fact that it takes on a highly personal subject – a person’s sexuality – in a fresh, fun, yet considered approach. While the subtext of the story is very close to the surface, almost floating, it isn’t overpowering either. While I don’t particularly enjoy the art style (personal taste, I guess), I definitely can’t deny its effectiveness in conveying the feelings of the characters.

The book also has some good action scenes with Teddy holding her own against a T-Rex for a few pages, but the emotional thrust of the story will be the main driving force of the story as far as I can see.

Overall, it was a nice change from my usual types of book and I can see this being a classic.

Rating: 3/5.

The writer of this article was: David Gladman 

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