Review – Baltimore: The Cult of the Red King #1 (Dark Horse)

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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden
Artist: Peter Bergting
Release Date: 6th May, 2015

Following on from our interview with Christopher Golden last week, this week sees the release of the latest installment of the Baltimore series.

I said it in the interview and I’ll say it again here – I need to know more about this Library! Something so simple being used as a plot device for so many potential series! This time round, the library has been used to find the location of the Cult of the Red King (the title of the book kind of gives it away, right?).

With lots of ominous dialogue used in the preceding pages, like “the night is cold” and “the things we dread are always with us now” you know you’re in for a good ride. Points for who can guess what the cure for unhappiness is. My money’s on a pillow fight.
For a dialogue and information-heavy issue, this is surprisingly easy to read, and new readers shouldn’t shy away as everything is neatly explained in a nice parcel, ready for devouring!

Art wise, this is a fairly solid issue, with lots of crisp lines and distinct looks for character profiles. I don’t think Peter Bergting has quite had a chance to flex his artistic muscles yet, but if the flashbacks are anything to go by, when the shit hits the fan (as it inevitably will) its going to be gorgeous!

I don’t need to say anything about Dave Stewart at this point, do I? The man is a legend and his coloring is some of the best in the business.

With a solid pulp/horror feel to it, even though the first issue is mainly set-up for the rest of the series, this may very well be the finest arc of Baltimore yet. Buy it.  Buy it now!

Rating: 4/5.

If you want to find out more about the series, check out our exclusive interview with co-writer Christopher Golden.

Chris_AvatarThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
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