Andrew M Says…The Best of 2015


Having only been granted access to BCP Towers at the end of May, I’ve not had as much access to everything as my stalwart counterparts. Here is my 2015 run-down.

Let me know what you think, and whether you agree or disagree with my choices.

Best Publisher – Image Comics

This isn’t a hard decision to make. The Image model is head and shoulders above other publishers except for BOOM. Yet, BOOM seem to exercise more editorial control over their publications. I believe this degrades their product by throttling content to fit a four or eight issue model. Image let the authors do whatever the hell they want. Giving creators the option to choose what collaborators to use is another reason their model just works. It’s as simple as that, and it is the primary reason I choose Image over BOOM this year.

Best Writer – Greg Rucka

This was hard, I was going to nominate Brian Wood for Starve, or Marjorie Liu for Monstress. Monstress is too new, despite having an incredible début issue. Starve just fails as it didn’t finish the first arc as strong as I feel it should have. Greg Rucka has managed a consistent high quality output when writing Lazarus. Not happy with one great story his new IP, Black Magick, maintains this high bar.

Best Artist – Greg Hinkle

What Greg has done this year is astonishing. Having never drawn a comic himself he took on James Robinson’s Airboy single-handed. Greg learned layout logic and speech bubble placement and has a tremendous natural talent. Greg also has a unique art style which sets himself apart and is remarkably enjoyable to look at.

Honourable Mention: Scottie Young for I Hate Fairyland

Top 5 Series of 2015 (in no particular order)

Airboy (Image Comics) – James Robinson’s incredible autobiographical yarn based loosely on his battles with addiction. Using the act of writing a reboot of the Airboy franchise as a mechanism for the story is genius. James treats us to a meta, no holds barred story of him coming to terms with sobriety and drags Greg Hinkle along. It’s fun, indulgent, offensive and downright funny with a beautiful and moving ending.

The Fiction (BOOM! Studios) – Curt Pires is definitely a star on the rise with three great titles in 2015. All show an increasing maturity and talent. The Fiction is a wonderful, complex and engaging tale that is stunningly illustrated. David Rubin has crafted some of the most interesting comic art I’ve seen to create the world inside the titular book. Thank God BOOM has ordered a second instalment.

Starve (Image Comics) – The Iron Chef meets The Running Man in this Brian Wood series. A dystopian mash-up that could only work as a comic, and what a joy it is to read. As with my previous entries that story excels as much as the art. Combining Danijel Zezelj’s inks and Dave Stewart’s colours make an impressive tour de force.

We(l)come Back (BOOM! Studios) – A whirlwind of non-stop action from the mind of Christopher Sebela. It has become an unexpected hit for BOOM Studios with issue one now in its third print, and deservedly so. It’s such a fun read and now has Scotland’s own Claire Roe in charge of artwork which is a fantastic decision. Such is its popularity BOOM has upgraded the title from a 4 part mini-arc to an ongoing series.

Velvet (Image Comics) – Merging 70’s style spy thriller into modern environs is what Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting do. Velvet is their Pièce de résistance. If you loved what they did with The Winter Soldier …. well, just read Velvet. You can thank me later.

Honourable Mentions: We Stand On Guard, We Can Never Go Home, Copperhead, Burning Fields, Bitch Planet

The writer of this piece was: Andrew McGlinn
Andrew Tweets from @Jockdoom.

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