Review – Unfollow #4 (Vertigo Comics)

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Publisher: Vertigo Comics
Writer: Rob Williams
Artist: Michael Dowling
Release Date: 3rd February, 2016

Yes! Now this is exactly the kind of book I hoped Unfollow would become when I first heard its elevator pitch back at last year’s San Diego Comic Con. The relatively slow pace of first three issues (which I may have grumbled about a little in my previous reviews of the series… sorry guys!) is now paying dividends in a major way as our deeper understanding of the main protagonists makes each dramatic storyline beat resonate even deeper.

David, Courtney, Akira, Ravan, Deacon, Rubinstein – each of these characters have been established impressively now, leaving us as readers to sit back and revel in their dynamic interactions courtesy of Rob Williams’ slick dialogue and Mike Dowling’s expressive artwork. There are some truly scintillating exchanges over the course of this latest issue, from David, Deacon and Ravan’s hotel room drama to Ferrell and Akira’s tense exchange at the side of the former’s hospital bed.

There are so many strong personalities here that it’s no exaggeration to say that this book has near-limitless scope as it moves forwards, with writer Rob Williams and artist Mike Dowling sure to be provided with ample opportunity to each flex their creative muscle as the series continues. The ongoing themes run deep here as societal conventions continue to be gradually stripped away by the bizarre circumstances of the characters’ isolation. As the number of “characters” remaining gradually drops, the stakes are set to rise exponentially, and the true nature of these seemingly random people is going to shine through – for better or worse.

Once again, Downling is more than up to the task of conveying the tension and drama of even the most seemingly innocuous exchanges, with a roughness to his style that fits perfectly with the edgy, almost frantic tone of the series. He also manages to excel himself duringh two scenes in particular; the aforementioned hotel room exchange and the utterly haunting final page – a page which perfectly sums up the true horror of this series, and the paper-thin nature of humanity.

Chilling, shocking and utterly compelling, Unfollow is your new favourite series, even if you don’t know it yet. An ensemble thriller of the highest order, Unfollow has leapfrogged its way to the head of Vertigo’s current pack – no small feat, given the sheer quality of titles being released – and has cemented its place on my pull list for as long as Williams and Dowling care to keep making it.

Rating: 5/5.

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