[Kickstarter] Own a piece of movie history with RELIQUARY!

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Ever fancied owning a piece of an Alien, some Ewok fur or a swatch of Kaylee’s top?

Well now you can, thanks to this rather quirky and wonderful Kickstarter from our friends over at Megaton.  Here’s the official blurb;

The Reliquary contains five authentic, production-used items from famous science fiction films and TV shows. The items have been sourced from reputable prop/memorabilia dealers and the Reliquary team will be including an individually numbered certificate of authenticity with each Reliquary. We will also be publishing the original certificates of authenticity received with each item and details of the origin of each item on the reliquary website ( when the campaign ends and before the product is shipped. The specific items inside the Reliquary are:

1: Aliens:-  A piece of xenomorph (alien) tail

2: Star Wars, Return of the Jedi:-  A swatch of genuine Ewok fur  

3: Star Trek The Next Generation:-  A fragment of Starship Enterprise computer screen

4: Serenity:-  A swatch from Kaylee’s white/floral top

5: Battlestar Galactica (2005):-  A swatch of Number 6’s famous shimmering red dress

Pretty fantastic, right?

You can see the full Kickstarter page by CLICKING HERE, and make sure you scroll down for the Firefly banknotes!

With just a week to go, what a great chance to spoil the geek in your life (especially yourself!)

SAMDAVThe Writer of this piece was: Sam Graven
Article Archive: Geeking Out
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