Get to Know More About Malcolm Goodwin through the eyes of iZombie’s Clive Babineaux

maxresdefaultAs “iZombie” closes out its second season, fans will finally get some questions answered. But one of the major questions on the show isn’t a narrative thread, it’s a character – Detective Clive Babineaux. Despite being in every episode, he still remains something of an enigma.

We recently interviewed Malcolm Goodwin about the show – which you can read here  – but before the interview ended, we had some fun asking Goodwin questions related to things we learned about Detective Babineaux this season.

So, as you wait for the conclusion of season two, join us as we get to know more about the man who brings the Seattle PD to life.

Big Comic Page: We see Clive drinking out of a New York Knicks mug. Are you a Knick fan or is that just for show?

Goodwin: Yes I am. I am a diehard New York Knicks fan. Show Creator Rob Thomas and Director Bob Dearden are San Antonio Spurs fans and they beat the Knicks in 99’. So we went back and forth talking smack about that and they’re doing really badly right now, so we got to poke fun at that through Babineaux’s fandom.

Big Comic Page: Can you play the piano?

Goodwin: I do play the piano. I just picked it up and fiddled around with it and then started taking piano lessons. I’m a big Marlon Wayans fan and I saw an interview with him a couple years back in which he was learning to play the piano and I was like – you know Marlon, I like that and I want to learn how to play the piano as well. I know it came from the most unlikely person but I grew up watching Marlon Wayans and I’m a huge fan so I picked it up. I’m okay – not great, but okay.

Big Comic Page: Who’s the better pianist, you or David Anders?

Goodwin: Actually they brought in an instructor to get David to play those scenes and then he started taking lessons with her outside of the show.

Are you a fan of Cajun cuisine?

Goodwin: I am fan of Cajun cuisine and when I think of New Orleans all I think of are po’boys, gumbo and jambalaya.

*Goodwin clarified that he was born and raised in New York after I made the mistake of saying he was from Canada. He loves Canada but is not Canadian.

Big Comic Page: Are you a fan of Game of Thrones?

Goodwin: I am a fan of the episodes I’ve seen. I plan on binge watching “Games of Thrones,” but I’m not caught up, although I do know a lot of the spoilers like the Red Wedding and stuff like that.

Big Comic Page: Are you an avid Facebook user?

Goodwin: I use Twitter, but my day is so filled with so many different things that I don’t think about using social media. Then I watch Rahul who’s a master at social media and has like 6,000 followers now and I try to take cues from him and he tries to get me to Tweet more but I’m not heavy on social media but I’m getting better. I’m trying to be more active on social media, but I’m definitely active on Tuesday I’ll tell you that.

Big Comic Page: You get to make a pop culture reference to “The Godfather” at one point. Are you a fan of the film?

Goodwin: Yes I am. Rahul and I actually watched it for a refresher and research. So it was nice to have a reason to revisit that film.

Big Comic Page: Would you say that’s your favorite Marlon Brando movie?

Goodwin: I’m a theater nerd so it has to be “A Streetcar Named Desire.” Fun fact: the popular term wife beater is synonymous with Brando and “A Streetcar Named Desire.” In Brooklyn it’s called an A-shirt or tank top and it became a wife beater apparently because Brando wore it and was also a wife beater in the film. But that’s a play I’ve seen a dozen times before TV and film I grew up on the stage.

Big Comic Page: Have you ever gotten to play a part in the play?

Goodwin: I did get to play Stanley but not in that entire play. I got to do a scene from it in theater school.

Big Comic Page: You got to play Jim Gordon in a way during the superhero episode where Liv “Batmans” you by disappearing before you can finish your train of thought. Who side are you on in these superhero fights?

Batman versus Superman?

Goodwin: From day one I said Batman, and if you saw the movie he won. He won that fight! We did an interview and there is footage of me explaining of why Batman would win. And then I saw the movie and it’s exactly what I said, I didn’t know they would do it but I predicted why he would win! I think Rahul predicated it too, and we fist bumped each other at the movie when Batman could have killed Superman.

 Captain America versus Iron Man?

Goodwin: Iron Man. Iron Man. Easy. Iron Man’s incredible! He’s probably my favorite of the Marvel franchise. It wasn’t my favorite comic coming up but what Robert Downey Jr. and the whole team did was just incredible. I think they elevated who Iron Man was.

Daredevil versus The Punisher?

Goodwin: I haven’t seen Daredevil yet. But I’m a little more bias towards The Punisher because I know more about him than I do Daredevil. So I’m gonna say Punisher.

Big Comic Page: Something fans may not know about you is that you are also a director. Let’s talk about some of the projects you directed last year. You’ve got the faith film “Pass the Light” and the musical “Construction.”

Goodwin: I appreciate you taking the time to watch out those trailers. I’m very proud of both of those films.

With regards to “Pass the Light,” someone asked my business partner and I if we’d be interested in doing a faith film. I honestly didn’t know much about the genre. So I sat down and watch the big ones like “Fireproof” and I wanted to approach it with a faith element. I’m a person of faith, but it also has an element of family. And it’s that family vibe that makes it’s so accessible to everyone so whether you are a person of faith or not, it’s still accessible. It’s about what you stand for and believe. I believe we are all innate good people, and we all have the same morals and want to take care of our families. I wanted the film to focus on that and so we wrote a film that reflected that. And we’re really proud of it, we took it all over the country started in Kansas and went to the Midwest and took it all over the place from there.

We gave out these free screenings to see how the public would react and we got standing ovations! Some dates we’d have 1500 people giving it a standing ovation people were going crazy for it. I’ve had hundreds of people are asking me when this film is coming out. So we’re working out with the distribution company about when to release the movie. So it’s something we’re really proud of, and it looks like it will be available at the end of the summer. But it was a genre I was fascinated with, I wanted to do something that my mother and my nephew and nieces could see together and it just fell into my lap. Some films choose you and I feel like the project chose me more than me choosing it. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

“Pass the Light” is probably the best reviewed faith/family film that has been released. People and critics really got behind it and I can’t wait until it’s available.

Than you have “Construction” which is a rated-R movie. I know you’re thinking, how do you go to rated-R from PG? But that’s life. I can watch a movie like “Fireproof” and go see “Batman v Superman” then go to films like “Trainwreck” and “The Hangover.” “Construction” is in the vein of “Trainwreck” and “The Hangover” except it’s has a musical element to it. It’s about three guys dealing with their intimacy issues with women and that film comes out at the end of the year. It’s got musical elements to it because there’s a lot of singing in it, but it’s also very fun. It’s also very raw and to the point because these guys are construction workers and they talk like how you would except to hear guys talking about stuff like that. It’s got a lot of heart and soul and that one will be on the big screen soon.

That’s all folks! So be sure to tweet and follow Malcolm Goodwin on twitter @malcolmjgoodwin  be sure to ask him, what is George R.R. Martin up to? The official iZombie twitter account is @CWiZombie.

Goodwin has requested, “If you having iZombie viewing parties SEND ME PICS! Tweet me pics let me see it. Share your reactions with me on social media because we’ll all be live tweeting together.

Catch the two-part season finale tonight at 8/7 central on The CW.

Lawr_avThe writer of this piece is: Laurence Almalvez
Laurence tweets from @IL1511

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