Review – Action Comics #958 (DC Comics)

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Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artist: Patrick Zircher
Release Date: 22nd June 2016

Cards on the table – I’ve never really been much of a fan of Superman. In my opinion, he’s  a big, dull, overpowered boy scout with no edge. His constant deaths and revivals have been a staple of DC comics’ “how do we finish this event off?” ideas for as long as I have been reading comics. In fact, Superman was actually one of the main aspects which turned me off from DC at an early age. I only continued to read Batman and the Flash periodically.

So, when the editor gave this issue to review I have to admit I sighed heavily. Having heard mixed reviews of Rebirth event – not to mention the fact that Doomsday was on the cover – it’s safe to say that I wasn’t looking forward to it.

However, from the very first page my interest was piqued. The story starts with narration from a Superman of another dimension, explaining what has happened on this world and why he has stepped in to the limelight now. We learn that after this world’s Superman died, Lex Luthor stepped into the role and that this world’s Clark Kent is also still alive (and hiding a secret). We also see the other Superman’s Lois and son Jon sitting watching the fight on TV.

This first issue is mainly an extended action scene that is gradually ramping up the tension of the story arc to come – a job it does extremely well. The artwork definitely helps in this respect, although the emotion on the characters’ faces doesn’t necessarily come across that well, making them seem like paintings with no emotion at times. The main problem in this respect is Lois’ face, which doesn’t convoy the terror she is feeling due to her Superman fighting Doomsday and her young son trying to fly off and help.

My main interest in this book is based around the new characterisations of familiar faces. A Superman who is trying to hide as a family man, a Clark Kent who is known to the world as Superman but pretends not to be and a Lex Luthor seemingly willing to sacrfice his life for others.

This book, while nothing special, is making me consider getting back into the DCU  given the fact they have managed to make their most overpowered character interesting without either killing or depowering him

Rating: 3/5.

13012810_10209079779014221_9172740812625086955_nThe writer of this piece was: David Gladman
David Tweets from @the_gladrags

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