Review – Starve #10 (Image Comics)


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Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Brian Wood
Artist: Danijel Zezelj, Dave Stewart (Colours)
Release Date: 29th June 2016

This is the final chapter of Starve. I’m not quite sure how to express how I feel about this as, in many ways, I think Starve is Brian Woods best work. In fact, as a collaborative project it is, to me, pretty much perfect. The combination of Woods words, Zezeljs art and Stewart’s colours have produced something spectacular and, I fear, completely underrated.

Starve the comic – much like the story – defies convention. Even this final issue defies what you expect in as much as the story ends a couple of pages in, with most of the chapter reading like an epilogue. Rather than being aggrieved though, the end is so Goddamn brilliant that you can’t help but smile with satisfaction. It’s only through the ‘epilogue’ that you learn Starve is truly about growth, not as a person – not as Gavin Cruikshank – but as a family, as Gavin and Angie (and even Greer to an extent). It’s here that you can finally realise the beauty of the second arc of Starve. Like Rocky 2, you are always watching out for the South Paw and then you get KO’d by a surprise right hook.

Like I said though, the production on Starve is a package deal. Daniel Zezelj and Dave Stewart are a quality team. The art in Starve, without a doubt in my mind, is up there with my favourite stuff of 2015/16. Danijel’s thick lines and heavy shadows embolden the pages of Starve like a statement of intent, yet the soft muted colours of Dave Stewart and two-tone paneling give enough atmospheric ‘murk’ to soften the feel of the flow (as well as suggesting to the underlying oppression of the world of Starve). The jarring styles are harmonious and interdependent. Really, it’s just cool a f**k art. The panel of Angie’s message to the audience in the Starve TV finale is wonderful.

Starve is brilliant. There is nothing anyone can do or say that will convince me otherwise. I loved the first arc to absolute bits; its frenetic “FU” message to the system had me hooked. This second arc started slowly, it hasn’t scored as highly as the first one and perhaps on an individual issue basis that is fair. However, now that I have the complete picture I can say that arc two is by far my favourite. It’s slower in pace, more cerebral in nature and it has one of the tastiest conclusions I’ve witnessed in quite some time. I hope you appreciate it as much as I did.

Rating: 5/5.

If you want to find out more about Starve, make sure to check out our interview with Brian Wood and Danijel Zezelj by CLICKING HERE.

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13043453_10154167818863408_9180033184388957427_nThe writer of this piece was: Andrew McGlinn
Andrew Tweets from @Jockdoom

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