Review – The Forevers #1 (Black Mask)


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Publisher: Black Mask Studos
Writer: Curt Pires
Artist: Eric Pfeiffer
Letterer: Colin Bell
Release Date: 14th September 2016

What would you do for fame and fortune? Beg, borrow and steal? Kill? Or maybe make a black magic pact before doing all of the above?

That’s exactly what the group known as The Forevers has done, and will do. It has been 10 years since they made their own pact, and their fame and lives are both fading fast. Some are missing, some are addicts and one appears to be a killer.

This issue is a lot like any other first issue in that it introduces the characters, who at this stage aren’t particularly interesting or memorable, and sets up the status quo. We unfortunately only really get to meet two of the Forevers in this issue, although the others are mentioned.  Personally, I would have liked to have found out a little bit more about the group, but I do understand Curt Pires’ decision to introduce things gradually.

Eric Pfeiffer’s artwork is detailed, almost photo-realistic in places, with the the characters appearing sharp and clear with the background scenes varying between blurred and detailed. I’m not sure yet, but this appears to indicate the state of mind of main character we are following at any given point. This is really refreshing art style and concept compared to the books I usually review and read, and Pfeiffer should be commended for bringing such a distinctive aesthetic to the table.

The only complaint I have about this issue, aside from the fairly uninspiring characters, is the lack of backstory that is required to hook readers in. If this could have been expanded upon, then the book would have been far more memorable.  As it stands, The Forevers appears to be a mash-up of franchises including Highlander, Cabin in the Woods and various others.  It definitely has a lot of potential though, albeit potential that hasn’t been fully realised just yet.

Rating: 3/5.

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13012810_10209079779014221_9172740812625086955_nThe writer of this piece was: David Gladman
David Tweets from @the_gladrags

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