Geeking Out – Turf War Z (Studio Miniatures)

Sometimes, we like to get our toys a bit closer to home here at Geek Towers, and so this week we’re taking a look at local Scottish talent Studio Miniatures and their rather nifty Kickstarter, Turf War Z.

Oh, and, naturally, there’s stuff to be won… see below for how to grab yourself some Studios Miniatures goodies, and for the announcement of the winner of our Secret Weapon contest.

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Studio Miniatures do an array of cracking 28mm miniatures for a variety of genres. As well as an excellent array of zombies of every stripe and flavour (eww) – zombie cops to protect and sever, especially – there’s a great mix of alternatives poses for those that fear them.

Even more exciting are the horror icons which have Universal appeal (I’ll stop it now, I promise) and their heavily-armed Hollywood icons.

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As well as real sense of fun, there’s a great sense of dynamism running through the sculpts. The medieval range has some quirky models that could suit a range of settings.

Being a total terrain nut, I was really taken with the choice of bins, barricades and other junk on offer.

But the real big hit for me is this:

A school bus! And also an armoured version!

One of my pet peeves is the lack of in-scale vehicles, and I’ve been searching all over for a school bus in particular (how else will Batman save those orphans?!) With that in mind, £16 for a lump of resin that size is more than reasonable. For me, this is absolutely the star, especially at that price.

The big news, however, is Turf War Z, their post-apocalyptic L.A. gang war/zombie game.

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With starters of seven rather nice L.A.P.D. or Street Gang miniatures (depending on your preference) coming at a very reasonable £30, there’s mountains of choice along with a whole host of iconic 70s-style character, well, icons.

Check out the link below, and scroll down on the Kickstarter page for a taste of the rules.

So, you in? Well, the campaign is already funded and, as you can see, they’ve got a track record of shiny things already. Get in there, we say!


First off, the Secret Weapon contest winner, grabbing himself a set of undamaged Jersey Barriers, is… Alex McElhinney! And special mention to Stephen Hoikes who wins himself a sprue of shell casings. Drop us a line with your addresses!

And, for our next competition to win yourself a Studio Miniatures goodie bag, along with special Turf War Z pledge access allowing you to pick from any of the individual items on offer(!!), you first need to like Big Comic Page on Facebook.

Once you’ve done that, you get one competition entry for each of the following (maximum of 5 entries in total):

– Like this post on Facebook
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– Leave a Comment below

The winner will be chosen at random from all the eligible entries on Sunday 21st of May.

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