Skeleton Crew Studio Taking Pre-orders for Exclusive HEAD LOPPER Vinyl Statue!

Skelton Crew Studio, a comic book replica studio based in the wilds of Maine, has collaborated with “Head Lopper” creator Andrew MacLean to create a brand new collectible based on the book’s stoic hero, Norgal!

This officially licensed figure will stand 9-inches tall with four points of articulation in the shoulders and wrists for fist-pumping poseability. The studio is releasing two versions, a limited edition based on Norgal’s traditional appearance in the comics and a Bog Blue variant designed by MacLean. Bog Blue Norgal will be hyper-limited, available only during the month of June.

Skelton Crew Studio has been making vinyl figures since 2012 when it released the original pink 6-inch vinyl Chog from “CHEW,” but this release marks a pair of firsts for the studio. This is the first vinyl with articulation and it’s their first collaboration with MacLean. Skelton Crew looks forward to more of both.

“I’ve loved Andrew’s art ever since I first laid eyes on it and he’s a wonderful storyteller,” said studio head Israel Skelton. “And I love Norgal as a character, a no-nonsense guy who lugs around the severed head of a sassy witch — can’t ask for anything more than that.”

“It’s been a dream working with Skelton Crew,” said MacLean. “They couldn’t be more passionate about what they make, who they work with and the overall quality of their work. We worked really close on this figure and I think we’re all really proud of the outcome. I’m so excited to put this in the hands of HEAD LOPPER fans!”

You can pre-order either of the figures for just $48 plus shipping on the Skeleton Crew Studio Online Store, and all orders for the standard version of Norgal received by July 1 will come with a bonus canvas Map of Barra, one of the settings in “Head Lopper,” also designed by MacLean.

So… what are you waiting for?!

ceejThe writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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