Geeking Out – Studio Miniatures Featurette and Competition Winner Announcement

A local shop for local people! Well, not that I’m comparing Ayr to Roston Vasey, but just down the road from me are the fine folk from Studio Miniatures.

Their last Kickstarter, Turf War Z (LA gangs and zombies) has just finished, and at the bottom of this post we’re thrilled to announce the winner of our competition for free pledge access and an exclusive Studio Miniatures goodie bag!

In the meantime, let’s have a closer look at some of the new stuff they have on offer:

A bus! I have bemoaned the lack of a 28mm school bus for ages. Now this is available in 2 styles, plain or armoured, which leaves you with a bit of a difficult choice. Do you go for a regular bus (District 22? 😉 ), a prison bus, or tool it up for The Walking Dead?  Hell, you could even really go to town with it as a Warboys truck or something similar.

It’s a slightly funny dark grey resin. Crisp enough for details on vehicles, however. A fair bit of warm water and soap is needed for cleanup, as it’s always important to get rid of the release agent before priming.

Let’s do some scale shots:

So this is against a TT Combat swat van, a KM swat van and 2 Walking Dead vehicles. Straight away you can see it’s at the true 28mm end of the scale and is spot on with the TWD vehicles (1/48, although nudging towards 1/56).  It’s also pretty close to the heroic 32mm (1/43) of Batman, but feels tiny next to the swat truck from TT (which is almost 1/35). I think that whilst they’re not incompatible you can’t really go down the route of all 3 on the one table; the scale difference becomes glaring.

Scale shot with Captain Cold:

So it could indeed work with the Batman Miniature Game. Good for a prison breakout, a heist…

Scale shot with TWD:

Going to be great for this, especially with the Prison expansion coming later in the year.

Speaking of TWD, here are some of Studio Miniatures’ “Survivors” line:

Nice casts, very clean. Rich and… Clark? 😉 I like the facial proportions particularly. The TWD Miniatures are a bit lantern-jawed sometimes, plus it’s nice to have some variety. I also really like that Rich has a separate right hand – wouldn’t normally be a positive but here it’s entirely appropriate 😀

Now, some other survivors who may look a little familiar:

They are sweet indeed, the kids have been hassling me for some males to add to the mix. so that’s “Aaron” and “Cole”. Looking forward to making cards up for these guys.

And some of their “wackier” minis:

Love those. It’s almost enough to make me do an alternate Wonderland crew (especially as we don’t have an official Alice or Lion yet). Because I need another gang.

And the winner of our Studio Miniatures prize draw is… Mel Bose!

Congratulations Mel! You win yourself a wee goody bag and pledge store access to the Turf War Z Kickstarter, so get in touch at for details of how to claim your prize!

(Oh, and as per usual, you have 30 days to claim your prize before we draw another winner, so make sure to get in touch soon!)

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