10 Classic Superhero Video Games You Really Need to Play

Gaming has come a long way in the last twenty or so years, that’s for sure.  But for all the technical advances and slick, high-definition graphics we’re treated to these days, sometimes all you really want to do is dive back into a classic.

But as they say, nostalgia ain’t what it used to be, and sometimes the memories can turn out to be a lot more enjoyable than the actual games themselves.

So with that in mind, we decided to take a look back at ten “classic” games that we’ve enjoyed to varying degrees over the last couple of decades.

Let us know your personal favourites!

1. Batman: The Movie (Megadrive)

“Each of the game’s six levels are modeled on locations from the movie, featuring two driving stages which enable the player to take control of the Batmobile and Batwing respectively. The platform levels are fairly straightforward, but difficulty levels do ramp up pretty quickly.” – CLICK HERE FOR A FULL REVIEW.

2. Superman: The Arcade Game

“Despite taking its cue from the comic book adventures of the character, rather than the Christopher Reeve cinematic versions, the game also features a glorious 16-bit rendition of the iconic John Williams score, adding significantly to the atmosphere and overall enjoyment of the game, as those instantly recognisable melodies bleep out while you trash the bad guys.” – CLICK HERE FOR A FULL REVIEW.

3. Captain America and The Avengers (Megadrive)

“Parts of the environment can be used as weapons, too, and there are also a number of objects lying around, such as cans, rocks, etc, which can be used to make your task a little easier. As mentioned earlier, level bosses tend to be recognisable Marvel villains, but minor ones show up midway through to drain your energy before facing the level’s guardian.” – CLICK HERE FOR A FULL REVIEW.

4. The Flash (Master System)

“The intro and cut scenes are high quality, and The Flash sprite looks fantastic and is given plenty of frames of animation to make his movement fast and clean without any graphical break up.” – CLICK HERE FOR A FULL REVIEW.

5. Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum Carnage (SNES)

“The sprites on display are quite funky, with visuals looking like they have been draw in ink. As an added touch, some cool “BOK!” and “THWACK!” effects flash up when you tear into enemies with your fists.” – CLICK HERE FOR A FULL REVIEW.

6. Spider-Man Vs. The Kingpin (Megadrive)

“One of the most pleasing features of the game is the lineup of classic Spider-Man villains included as bosses throughout the game.  The gang’s all here, from Sandman to Electro to one of my favourites The Lizard.” – CLICK HERE FOR A FULL REVIEW.

7. The Punisher Arcade Game

“Where the game elevates itself, though, is in the legion of weapon pickups the character has at his disposal. A range of machine guns, pistols, swords, bats, knifes, flamethrowers, etc., can be used to take down large groups of enemies at once, and there’s even a grenade that can dropped when jumping to clear the immediate area.” – CLICK HERE FOR A FULL REVIEW.

8. Batman: The Movie (Amiga)

“The platform sections are well constructed with continue points handily dotted around. Enemy placement is pin-point, creating just enough of a challenge without becoming frustrating. The variety in the gameplay is great, too, with the driving & flying sections providing some hi-octane action.” – CLICK HERE FOR A FULL REVIEW.

9. The Death And Return of Superman (Megadrive)

“Animation, too, is impressive, with Superman flexing his abs when landing a punch, subtly changing stance before delivering an eye beam barrage, and floating God-like when in flight.” – CLICK HERE FOR A FULL REVIEW.

10. TMNT: The Arcade Game

“A tremendous tribute to the cartoon series. A lot of care was taken with the cosmetics to accurately mimic the TV show and the game hits the look, sound and most importantly the feel of the series absolutely spot on.” – CLICK HERE FOR A FULL REVIEW.

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