Comichaus Corner – The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #1 review

Publisher: Frontier Comics
Writer/Artist: Andy W. Clift

For this week’s Comichaus Corner, we’re talking a look at the first issue of The Adventures of Captain Cosmic, a gloriously uncynical love letter to the world of Silver Age comics, written and illustrated by Andy W. Clift.

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The striking visual and narrative style of the Silver Age has always been ripe for homage, but all too often it seems like creators find themselves trying to put some edgy or post-modern spin on the proceedings in order to justify what they’re doing. Clift thankfully has no such qualms, providing us with impressively earnest recreation of the ‘gee whiz’ nostalgia that made this era so popular – and telling a thoroughly enjoyable all-ages story to boot.

Clift uses this first issue to introduces us to the titular Captain and his daughter, “Kid Cosmic” as they’re hurled headlong into a mission by the Commonwealth of Worlds to discover why entire planets seem to be disappearing.  There’s not even a hint of irony here as The Galaxy Defenders do their thing, and there’s a slightly campy Batman ’66-esque vibe to the proceedings that a lot of nostalgia fans will get a real kick out of.

One thing that’s clear throughout the course of this first issue is the fact that this is something of a passion project for its creator, with a real sense of life and energy coursing through the pages. The artwork is distinctive to the Silver Age, with Clift filling his pages with a vibrant, fun aesthetic.  It would perhaps be nice to see him stamping more of his own unique style on the proceedings, and it does feel eeeeever so slightly derivative at times, almost like a straight-faced adult swim parody, but for the most part this is a great looking book.

It’s all straightforward, unsophisticated stuff, making it likely to appeal to younger readers in particular. It also doesn’t hurt that it feels like a Saturday morning cartoon in comic book form, something the serialised approach of the storytelling only adds to.

Ultimately then, while those looking for something a little more “clever” or “edgy” may end up bitterly disappointed, readers – particularly younger ones – who are looking for a fun, upbeat story about a pair of brightly coloured Space Superheroes fighting baddies will find exactly what they’re looking for with Captain Cosmic.

The Adventures of Captain Cosmic #1 is currently available on the Comichaus app, and if you want to grab yourself a digital PDF copy of the first issue, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

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