Get Ready To #DiscoverIndieComics with COMICHAUS, The New “Netflix for Comics” Mobile App

Recently launched on iOS and Android, Comichaus is a brand new app which is dedicated to the world of independent comics.

For an incredibly reasonable monthly fee you can get access to hundreds of fantastic comics from publishers all around the world, including small press stalwarts like BHP Comics, Madius and Alterna, as well as Comichaus’s own small press showcase anthology.

There are two levels of pricing available: the basic £3 per month (£30 for a year) subscription, with includes an easily skippable advertisement prior to reading each comic, or the slightly higher “ad free” subscription for just £5 a month (which is still an impressively low price point given the large amount of content already available).

Perhaps the biggest selling point for those of us who really want to feel like they’re supporting the independent comic book scene is the fact that 50% of the revenue generated from subscriptions and adverts goes right back to the creators, based on how many times their books are read.   It’s a fantastic approach that goes a long way towards the ultimate aim of the app – to provide an inclusive, self-sustaining comic book resource for readers and creators alike.

From the reader point of view, it’s worth pointing out just how slick the app feels. Searching is available by title, creator, genre or publisher (or even character!), and the reading experience is smooth and intuitive.  It’s a polished looking app with great, high-resolution scans of the comics, and the “Dashboard” portion – featuring new releases, top comics and any titles that have been recently read by the user – is extremely easy to navigate.

It’s also possible to ‘favourite’ specific comics to read later, download as many of them to your device to read offline as you like, and – perhaps most importantly, given the real purpose of the app – to buy hard copies of certain titles with the click of a button.

From the creator’s perspective, it also sounds like it’s fairly easy to add titles to the database, subject to certain approvals, and for new creators to join up and start sharing and earning as soon as their books are live.

In terms of the contend, Comichaus contains a who’s who of BCP favourites, and to help you figure out what to check out first after you’ve signed up, we’ve shortlisted a few of our own recommendations below (although bear in mind this is only the tip of a fairly sizeable comic-shaped iceberg).

So check them out, and make sure to SIGNED UP HERE once you’re done.  You won’t regret it.

ceejThe writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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  1. What are your creative plans?

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