Review – Lucifer #4 (DC Vertigo)

Publisher: DC Vertigo
Writer: Dan Watters
Artwork: Max Fiumara, Sebastian Fiumara
Colours: Dave McCaig
Letters: Steve Wands
Release Date: 23rd January 2019

The threads that make up the vast storyline of Lucifer are finally starting to come together here in what is in a delightfully fulfilling but classically vague chapter. Finally we’re starting to see the relevance of the many characters that have populated what seemed like their own individual arcs, in a brilliant move which ties together all of the previous issues, including the many flashbacks and side stories.

So how did Lucifer end up as the self-blinded beggar on some random plane of existence? Well, as we discover, the duo of witches from his past are the key to bridging this place and the outside world of former detective John Decker. Their search for a third sister mirrors his own search for his wife’s past, resulting in a surprising reveal that offers up even more questions about his grander role in the scheme of things.

Who is the woman who opens the story of this issue? Is she a mother, goddess, captive, wife? Or is she a victim of someone taking this opportunity for revenge? As suspected, this whole scenario was put in place by Lucifer himself, fully knowing the risks involved in getting what he wanted, but foolishly relying on his own wit to see him through.

This latest issue sees Dan Watters providing us with the first pay-off of what I’m sure will be many as we move forwards into the next part of the story. Leading us down a road with many seemingly separate paths, it’s great to see things finally starting to come together as we start to build up to the finale of this particular arc.

Once again I can’t stress enough just how much this reminds me of the classic Lucifer stories that I know and love. Much like those timeless tales, the impact of the story here doesn’t feel like a one-shot but rather something that will affect this particular universe in significant ways moving forwards. We all know that when Lucy gets free there will literally be hell to pay, but what about Mazikeen and her very brief appearance? What about the impact of Lucifer having a son? What of the countless characters and angels that are yet to be mentioned? It’s a story that makes you think about what’s to come rather than just what’s on the page in front of you.

Oh, and speaking of those pages, thanks to the sterling efforts of Max Fimara, Sebastian Fiumara and Dave McCaig, then continue to be nothing less than absolute art. This new look for Lucifer has pulled it from the early 2000’s aesthetic to some ghoulishly dark nightmare, changing him from the dark echo of his angel brothers to something utterly terrifying and simultaneously stylish in his heavily Bowie ‘Man Who Fell To Earth’ garments. It’s a really great thing to see a character so well established having a complete new side to him with this off-putting and devilishly attractive style and grace.

I absolutely love this series, and I know without a doubt that I’ll continue to love it for a long time. An absolutely essential purchase.

Rating: 5/5.


The writer of this piece was: Indiana “Indy” Marlow
Indy Tweets from @smokingpunkindy

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