Review – Lucifer #7 (DC Vertigo)

Publisher: DC Vertigo
Writer: Dan Watters
Artwork: Max Fiumara, Sebastian Fiumara
Colours: Dave McCaig
Letters: Steve Wands
Release Date: 17th April 2019

So we’re finally back on Earth, but it was never really going to be that easy was it? As he himself said last issue, resurrection is supposedly a matter for the gods, and his feathered children don’t take too kindly to it.

Upon Lucifer’s return from the psyche of his former lover, he finds himself bombarded with a horde of angels lead by his sanctimonious brother Raquel. They are bored of Lucifer and his continuously blasphemous ways, with the recent resurrection of Sycorax proving to be a step too far. After a prolonged chat with his brother, Lucifer is given the days of life – to match the days before the rebirth of Christ – before he must take from Sycorax that which should never have been given. Weakened by his escape and in a world without influence, what is our fallen angel to do?

Simple, go to hell.

Dan Watters’ story doesn’t falter in the slightest as he takes us into this brand new arc, picking up exactly where the last one ended and managing to maintain the same exciting pace. Watters clearly took his time bringing us to this point so that we can really appreciate the character of Lucifer, only giving us only brief glimpses in flashback of his true sly devilish charm.

There is still conflict here, though. Lucifer is clearly not back to full strength, and finds himself more alone than he ever was. Not only that, but another side story emerges in the form of the cherub sent to disrupt our antihero’s machinations, which has the potential to be as interesting as the story of Detective Decker was as it snakes its way into the main plot.

As a fan of the macabre, I also need to highlight the beauty of good research when it comes to the writing. I’ve said before how Watters and the Fiumaras have brought back to life the paintings and writing of William Blake and Shakespeare in this tale, but the mention of Enochian language and the character of the Angel of Justice Raquel (not just named but written in a storyline which lines up with with their original inception) provide masterful additions to a world already steeped in folklore and biblical mythology.

Once again, the art is absolutely phenomenal. Totally different from the original comics in many ways, but still lovingly reinterpreted to fit this new story. Lucifer is less imposing in some ways which actually makes him all that more scary. He’s slender and sleek like a cat, with slicked back hair and two endearing tufts for horns, a look which makes it all the more powerful when his true fiery form is unleashed. Every detail is wonderfully etched onto the page, from the recreated background of worldwide destinations to the horror show glimpse behind the mask of Mazikeen. Simply put, the Fiumaras are a perfect fit for this series.

Oh, and as if these comics weren’t already going through the mind of every teenage goth phase, things look to get even better next issue where it seems the gods of Egypt are next on Lucifer’s list to get him out of this latest pickle.

I salute Sandman’s Satan once again.

Rating: 5/5.


The writer of this piece was: Indiana “Indy” Marlow
Indy Tweets from @smokingpunkindy

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