Review – Aliens: Resistance #2 (Dark Horse)

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Writer: Brian Wood
Artwork: Robert Carey
Colours: Dan Jackson
Release Date: 27th February 2019

Dark Horse’s Aliens Resistance #2 has some work to do to make up for the lukewarm reception of the first issue. I am a huge fan of the franchise in all its forms, and appreciate all manner of Alien-centric storytelling, but it pains me to say that Resistance #2 is quite frankly, dull.

With the character of Amanda Ripley gaining some serious love after the release of the Blackout mobile game it’s disheartening to read such a bland take on the fated survivor in this comic. Her internal dialogue continues to be uninspired and the relationship with Zula is about as fleshed out as a Bonio. Neither feel invested in the other and their previous clout as strong female leads has all but vanished.

The edgy, choppy editing style is also rather irksome. There is absolutely no drama, no urgency, a distinct lack of threat, sod all aliens… although we do get some freaky uber androids, kinda, so that’s something?

Sadly the artwork is once again as sparse and uninspiring as the dialogue. Whilst it is adequate for the setting, and I do appreciate the high contrast shadow and light in most panels, it lacks the characteristic depth, detail or viscera of better conceived Aliens titles. There’s so much emptiness here.

The ubiquitous Weyland Yutani bioweapons division plot is still struggling to emerge in any meaningful way as Zula and Amanda fast travel from quest marker to quest marker. The greatest sin of this second issue however is that it feels like a re-tread of the first, rather than an actual progression! The word potential is hideously overused when a heavy-hitter fails to meet the mark, and perhaps more appropriate here would be the word frustration. Urgh, its 1997 all over again.

Perhaps it’s unfair to judge Resistance so harshly so soon – we have been spoiled in recent years with the likes of Dead Orbit, Defiance and Dust to Dust – but there’s no getting away from the fact that Resistance is, to this point at least, far less than the sum of its parts. Between the publisher, the franchise, Wood’s proven track record and Robert Carey’s feel for the genre you’d think we’d be onto another winner here.

Wait for the trade. Hopefully the story will present itself in a more pleasing and well-paced manner taken as a whole.

Rating: 2.5/5.


The writer of this piece was: Alex McElhinney
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1 Comment on Review – Aliens: Resistance #2 (Dark Horse)

  1. I wasn’t overly impressed with this, or the first issue, either. Shame, as this new Alien series had a lot of potential and a good premise. Sadly, the poor pace and somewhat bland artwork hasn’t helped either. Hopefully it might improve, but I think it has its work cut out to really be a strong addition to Dark Horse’s Aliens range.

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