Graven’s Geeky Gift Guide Part 5 – Gaslands: Refuelled

Gaslands: Refuelled

BEST FOR: Teens and Overgrown kids, recyclers, car boot sale fanatics
RRP: £20 (rulebook) £25 (rulebook and extras)

If, like mine, your house is cluttered with Hot Wheels, then you’re already well on the way to getting into Gaslands, Osprey’s excellent game of post-apocalyptic Car-nage. This is a great one if your kids are starting to grow out of toys – recycle and reuse!

The core rulebook has just been refined and rereleased (see our review HERE), and it’s easy enough to throw half a dozen toy cars on a convenient table, some scattered random objects and you’re away! Of course there’s a huge community and range of sources for modifying and converting, as we’ve covered in a number of previous articles. An excellent new resource is the Gaslands Upgrade sprue from North Star Games:

Damn, it’s a nice set. £10 gets you 2 sprues each with a ton o’ stuff

4 machine Guns
3 Heavy machine Guns
2 Mini Guns
1 Harpoon
1 Racing vent
2 Droppers
1 Death ray
1 Tool box
2 Dozer Blades
1 motorbike
4 Wheels (double-sided alloys)
4 Sheets of armour
1 Bull Bars
1 Engine Block
1 Exhaust
1 Flamethrower
2 Drivers
1 Turret Gunner
1 Turret Ring
2 Side Exhausts
1 Rocket Launcher
1 Radar Dish
2 Rockets.

It’s the fact that it’s so much, and so many different things, all in one place. Absolute belter. This covers a variety of weapon and armour options, plus a bike (accurate scale bikes are harder to come by), giving everything you need to start your own season of Death Races.

If you like your races a bit Wackier, Dice Mechanic Games have got a first-rate set of mad science weapons at the ready (CLICK HERE)

They’ve also expanded into the growing custom tyre/rim market, still one of the easiest and most effective conversions you can do for a couple of quid (and a paperclip).

Don’t forget the other fantastic friends of Gaslands we’ve reviewed too including Kyamsil Designs (more wheels and weapons), Mad Cars (fantastic crew kits), Kitbashbox (rusty resin scenics), Secret Weapon (etched brass details), Hayland Terrain (3D printed detail sets, as well as terrain), Dashlands (reference cards) and Laserforge (acrylic tokens, dice and more).

So my recommendation would be go for a copy of Refuelled, and at least one of these fantastic upgrade or add-on packs (or as reviewed in our other Gaslands articles).

As always, you can get it for 10% off RRP at Element Games (CLICK HERE), but a big shout out to our pals North Star Games, where you can get the fantastic Implements of carnage with the rules for £25 (CLICK HERE).

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