The eagerly-awaited return of Thought Bubble Comic Convention

Thought Bubble is back!

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, Thought Bubble once again returns in person this weekend to the Harrogate Convention Centre. On the 13th and 14th of November, comic book fans will flock to the North Yorkshire town to get their comics-focused convention fix.

Some of the highlights of the convention include guests such as Charlie Adlard, Hannah Berry, Paul Cornell and many more. There are workshops on designing your own supervillain, creating comic strips and negotiating contracts. Panels range from comic book creators talking about Batman, to artists sketching live and talks on how to create your own comics. The convention extras such as portfolio reviews, the ComiXology stand, and lots of fun things to keep children entertained in the kid’s zone. There are still a massive 450 exhibitors to splash your cash on, but the convention has taken over an extra hall so that there can still be an extra 50% of space between the aisles to prevent overcrowding

[Just some of the panels and events taking place this weekend – click to enlarge]

Whilst the convention is back, it’s not quite yet a full return to normality. Sadly, some of the bigger names invited such as Scott Synder, Gail Simone and Rafael Albuquerque are unable to travel to the convention this year, but Scott is still hosting his writing masterclass virtually, and most of the guests that can no longer make it over to the UK have been reconfirmed for next year. The convention has also put a lot of procedures and changes in place to help ticket goers feel safe. Although not a requirement for events in England, Thought Bubble will require either a negative lateral flow test or proof of vaccination. Masks must also be worn at all times inside the halls.

Some of the more enjoyable aspects of the convention will also not feature this year, such as the famous mid-con party and the colourful cosplay competition. Instead, these have been replaced with a smaller masquerade and raffle, and a list of recommended local bars. Organisers have said however, that these will return in the future, and it is just a temporary removal to help keep con-goers feel safe whilst Covid-19 is still lurking.

Although the convention is going to be smaller than usual with some features missing, there is still a lot left to keep comic book fans entertained over the weekend.

12342801_1032454986804921_8148860193234525928_nThe writer of this piece was: Louise Saul (aka Tiny Tigress Cosplay)
Louise Tweets from @AikiSaul

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