Kevin Smith confirms Masters of the Universe: Revelation will return with Revolution!

Kevin Smith has just confirmed what a lot of fans have been eagerly hoping for – the Netflix animated Masters of the Universe: Revelation from Smith, Ron David and Powerhouse Animation will indeed be getting a second series, this time called Revolution!

As expected, the vocal monitory of the fandom have immediately gone into meltdown about Teela’s rise to prominence in Season 1, spouting all manner of “woke SJW agenda” nonsense in an attempt to shoot the announcement down. Haters gonna hate, I suppose.

Here’s Kevin’s social media post about the new series:

After Revelation comes… REVOLUTION!

I’m ecstatic to be making more @masters of the Universe with @Mattel and @powerhouseanim for @netflix!

Big thanks to everyone who streamed our show last summer! You gave us the Power to go back to Grayskull for another epic Eternian adventure! I just turned in the final draft of episode 5 and I’ve already seen the first amazing animatic! This season is a big Battle, Cats! #KevinSmith #mattel #powerhouseanimation #mastersoftheuniverse

There were already some heavy hints dropped by none other than Mark Hamill himself, who teased on twitter that he had returned to the recording booth as Skeletor earlier this year:

In terms of storyline, the conclusion of Episode 10 teased the arrival of Hordak (and, presumably, the Horde), with Skeletor being infected by the techno-virus of “Motherboard”. This sets up some truly mouthwatering possibilities and a brand new threat for Eternia, although quite whether Netflix can navigate the complicated web of IP rights to include the Princess of Power herself, She-Ra, remains to be seen.

We’ll have more announcements about this series as they become available, but in the meantime you can check out our reviews of both parts of Season 1 below:

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