Masters of the Universe ‘Camo Khan’ variant available to order from Mattel Creations

After an initial teaser on their site was pulled down without any real explanation, Mattel Creations have just confirmed that fan-favourite Masters of the Universe variant Camo Khan is available to order this coming Friday!

Originally released back in 1987 in Argentina, the variant edition of the classic Kobra Khan figure has always been highly sought after by MOTU collectors with its darker colour scheme, Clawful-style Mace and Buzz-Off claws, and now they’ll finally have a chance to get their hands on one for their collections.

Sadly, as is becoming a bit of a recurring theme with the latest MOTU Classics figures, the iconic action – in this case the glorious spraying of mist when you press down the figure’s head – is notably absent, being replaced by a fairly underwhelming plastic ‘spray’ attachment.  Can’t have everything, I guess?

It’s still a great looking figure though, and the swappable heads including the Cobra-style ‘hood’ version and the classic look are a nice touch.

Camo Khan breeds evil into our MOTU line. Inspired by the popular Kobra Khan Camuflado collectible figure from 1987 released in Argentina, we’re bringing this sly villain back. Enchanted by Skeletor, Camo Khan has new powers of camouflage, a more potent hypnotic mist, and the mystical Golden Claws of Crushing. Harness his new powers with swappable hands, heads, weapons, and a spray accessory.

  • MOTU Camo Khan Action Figure
  • Inspired by the 1987 MOTU action figure released in Argentina
  • Stands 5.5 inches tall
  • 16 points of articulation for menacing displays
  • Comes with multiple hands, heads, weapons, and a spit-spray mouth accessory

Priced at £31, Camo Khan is available to order from Friday 2nd December 2022 at the Mattel Creations Store (CLICK HERE)

The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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