The latest Mattel Creation Masters of the Universe Origins Exclusive is… Space Sumo?

Hot on the heels of the fan-favourite Camo Khan limited release which sold out in mere minutes, Mattel Creations have just unveiled their latest exclusive Masters of the Universe Origins offering in the form of… uhh… Space Sumo.

The figure, which was previously released as part of the Target-exclusive ‘Sun-Man and the Rulers of the Sun’ triple-pack alongside Pig-Head and Sun-Man himself, is obviously a bit of an odd choice and is already encouraging widespread indifference from the collecting community for a couple of reasons:

Firstly, the ‘Rulers of the Sun’ figures are themselves a bit of a niche market, based on the 1985 Olmec Toys offerings which were created by founder Yla Eason in response to the lack of multicultural action figures in the He-Man line. They’re not really canon, and the majority of collectors don’t really have much in the way of nostalgia about them. And secondly, he looks bloody ridiculous with his beekeeper-esque hood.

That said, for those who are interested, the figure goes sale at 9am PT on Wednesday the 14th of December on the Mattel Creations website, priced £19. Hey, at least the price point is a little more agreeable than Camo Khan, I guess?

Space Sumo joins our MOTU Origins line! When Akira Tanaka was chosen to be the Space Sumo, he inherited the combined mastery, wisdom, and fight of all the greatest warriors in history. With his telekinesis powers, Space Sumo can control anything with his willpower. He is Sun-Man’s greatest ally and is ready to fight for fairness and equality throughout the universe!

– Masters of the Universe Origins Space Sumo™

– Collector Figure Stands 5.5 inches tall

– 16 working joints for epic poses and displays

– Comes with a sword, mask, and chest harness

– Includes a mini MOTU comic book

– Retro-style packaging

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