Review – The Goon #44

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Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
Words: Eric Powell
Pictures: Eric Powell, Mark Buckingham
Release Date: 27th November 2013

So of course the first issue in nearly a year of the goon I decided to pick up had to be in a language, didn’t it? The story follows Goon and Frankie delivering booze hidden in clocks south of the boarder to Mexico, so almost the entire issue is in Spanish! While I didn’t understand a word of it apart from ‘Pollo’ which I learned from Chew means Chicken, Powell’s art was up to its usual standard and makes the art tell the story.

Dirk Manning recently used The Goon as an example of what to read now that Hellblazer has finished and I couldn’t agree more. Its got a love story, violence, booze, damsels in distress and some nice and dark humour all wrapped up in a tidy package.

Art, good. Story, good (I think) and if you speak Spanish or have a phrase book handy it would be damn enjoyable. It’s just maybe a bit too quick of a read for us unilingual (did I just invent a word?) And would make for an even more confusing read for newcomers.

Rating: 6/10.

The writer of this piece was: Chris_AvatarChris Bennett
Article: I Hate It Here
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