Review – Quantum and Woody #6 (Valiant)

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Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Writer – James Asmus
Art – Ming Doyle / Colours – Jordie Bellaire
Release Date: 4th December 2013

Quantum and Woody by themselves are absolutely hopeless, but together, they are a complete bloody shambles. It’s like when Batman and Plastic Man used to team up except they are both rubbish. A couple of amateurs who rely on their superpowers to dig themselves out of whatever crater they’ve somehow managed to bore themselves into.

The pair squabble and complain and bumble their way from one disaster to the next and working for America’s largest private paramilitary contractor to mop up some fortified hillbillies is this month’s great idea. The villains of the piece are a bunch of paranoid dopes and their employers are crazed, power hungry, maniacs.

All of this combines to make a wonderful farce filled with some outlandish characters. There are a few ‘laugh out loud’ panels involving land mines and a can of beer (not together) along with some awesome dialogue. The art and writing work brilliantly together.

The patter between the ill matched foster brothers as they squabble is a delight. I just hope they somehow manage to keep it together long enough to KLANG on each other’s wristband every 24 hours – they die if they don’t and there is too much comedy at stake.

Rating: 8/10.

The writer of this piece was:
Guest contributor: James McQueen
You can also find James on Twitter.

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