Kano Joins James Asmus for QUANTUM AND WOODY #9 – An All-New Jumping-On Point!


Cover by KANO.
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Valiant is proud to announce that fan favorite artist and veteran creator Kano (Swamp Thing, Gotham Central) is joining the world’s worst superhero team for an all-new story arc beginning in Quantum and Woody #9 this April! Written by award-winning writer James Asmus (The End Times of Bram & Ben), jump on board here for a brand new high-stakes adventure pitting Quantum and Woody against the latest scourge of the streets – robots?!

Eric needs to know he can trust Woody – and that means Woody needs to get a job, open a bank account, sign up for a library card, and do all the things a responsible adult does. But when a new gang of rogue mad-scientist super-criminals launch a wave of robo-crime, will Woody stop them…or join them? Plus: the return of Edison Radical Acquisitions, the debauched super-scientists that accidentally gave Quantum and Woody their super-powers. (And that would now like them back, please.)

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Cover by Fowler.
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“In the same way that Tom Fowler and Ming Doyle have both done for the series, Kano is in the perfect wheelhouse to make the reader feel Quantum and Woody’s joy and pain, to tell a clear, vibrant, visual story even as the stuff that happens is madcap, fast-paced, and insane, and to make everything just feel hilarious and exciting,” Quantum and Woody editor Alejandro Arbona told Comic Book Resources.

One of the 2013’s most acclaimed new series debuts kicks off the new year with a KLANG! when acclaimed creators James Asmus and Kano introduce an all-new starting point this April in Quantum and Woody #9 – featuring covers by all-star talents Tom Fowler, Tom Raney and Kano! Start reading here to find out why Quantum and Woody is the superhero series that has fans and critics agreeing – the world’s worst superhero team is off to an awesome start!

And if you’re interested, you can check out our reviews of the series below;

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