Review – Ghostbusters #12 (IDW Publishing)

GB-NEW12-coverAPublisher: IDW Publishing
Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Dan Schoening
Release Date: 29th January 2014

The fourth and final part of the ‘Happy Horror Days!’ run is upon us and everything has been building to this fantastically spooky New Year conclusion. After the past ghostly shenanigans of Devil’s Night, Dia de los Muertos and, Christmas, it’s time to snag the main culprit behind it all. And what a creepy swine he is too.

Poor Agent Ortiz has the unenviable role of being the intermediary between the FBI and the Ghostbusters. The story begins with her having to explain what happened over New Year. Imagine! It’s a good story with some really funny moments. Egon continues to take the comedic crown from Venkman with some class lines. There’s a smug temper about him which is a great addition to his dry character.

The art is capable of making you laugh out loud without any dialogue whatsoever thanks to some well captured comedic expression. The New York locations look awesome both indoor and out. The colours are on form with proton beams, fireworks and other nice effects making the action pop off the page.

It maybe ends a bit too quickly and the fact that Ortiz is retelling events to her boss puts everything in the past. As a result, some of the immediacy is lost but its been a fun holiday season with this run. If you can believe it, next month celebrates 30 years of Ghostbusters. Good to see it in safe hands.

Rating: 4/5.

The writer of this piece was: James McQueen
You can also find James on Twitter.

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