Bricking Around: 2015 ‘DC Super Heroes’ sets reveal Captain Cold, Cyborg, Grodd and more!

Following the reveal of the upcoming Green Lantern vs. Sinestro set back in June, Lego have now released pictures of three more of their DC Super Heroes sets due out in 2015.

First up, ‘76026: Grodd Goes Bananas’, which features a pretty impressive line-up of minifigures, with a new Batman fig, a New 52-esque Wonder Woman, Flash, Captain Cold, and a Gorilla Grodd ‘Bigfig’. The set also features a ‘Bat Mech’, and Wonder Woman’s invisible jet, made almost entirely from trans-clear elements. RRP $39.99:

grodd groddbox

Next up, ‘76027: Black Manta Deep Sea Strike’, featuring Black Manta, Aquaman, Scuba-Suit Robin, and, of course, Batman. Vehicle-wise, we get another bat-vehicle to add to the collection in the form of the Batsub, as well as Black Manta’s attack sub. RRP $39.99:

manta mantabox


And lastly, ‘76028: Darkseid Invasion’. This set will be of special interest to those looking to expand their Justice League minifig lineup, as it includes Cyborg, Green Arrow, and, brilliantly, HAWKMAN! The set also includes a Darkseid bigfig, the previously released Superman minifigure, and the Justice League’s ‘Javelin’ jet. RRP $59.99:

seid seidbox


So far, these are the only set images to have hit the web, but rest assured I’ll be stopping by the Lego booth at NYCC in a couple of weeks to take pics of whatever is on display.


Yup, Lego aren’t even done yet! We’ve yet to see images of ‘74060: Brainiac Attack’, which apparently includes Brainiac, Martian Manhunter, and Supergirl minifigures. With the above sets all being on the pricier side, I’d assume the Brainiac set will be cheaper at around the $19.99 mark.

Al’s personal note: As usual, these DC sets are all about the figures. The general ‘cool’ value of the vehicles in these sets is pretty limited, with the bat-mech being especially disappointing, but I’ll be really keen to, erm, ‘see’ that invisible jet in the flesh, I love the new cowl on Batman, and the addition of Hawkman to my minifig Justice League will be an awesome one. All 3 of these sets include a ‘Super Jumper’, which appears to be some sort of minifig ‘launcher’, which could be cool. I’m also kind of amazed that Lego didn’t manage to sneak yet another Batman figure into that Darkseid set, because he seems to end up everywhere else!

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