Review – Midnighter #11 (DC Comics)


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Publisher: DC Comics
Writer: Steve Orlando
Artist(s):  ACO, Hugo Petrus
Release Date: 6th April 2016

Issue 11 reunites Midnighter with his first love, Apollo, after the latter answers the call to mount a rescue mission in the wake of Deadshot’s apparently deadly attack. The Suicide Squad once again feature heavily with Amanda Waller seeking retribution against Sypral, backed by the engineer who helped create Midnighter’s fight computer, Henry Bendix. His plan to create a ‘global pacification’ unit in the form of ‘The Unified’ becomes a reality, after Waller delivers the DNA matrix laced with Kryptonian genetic-level abilities.

The first few pages of the issue shift between the main thread of Bendix and Waller’s concerted effort to take down Spyral, and the status of Midnighter and Apollo’s fractured relationship. In the early stages, we’re offered an interesting insight into the central character we have come to know over the course of this run. Midnighter’s regret at the break-up of his marriage to Apollo was seemingly the catalyst, at least in part, for the brash persona he adopts, but it’s an element of his character that left him vulnerable to attack from someone he thought able to fill the void left by Apollo (see Prometheus). Now at ease with who he is and his place in the grand scheme, Midnighter admits his failings and happily the two look likely to reconcile their differences.

As Bendix’s plan to create the ultimate militaristic super-being plays out, we see Midnighter take on the Suicide Squad once more, this time with the help of Apollo and Marina. As always, the breathless action sequences put together by ACO are creative and challenging, highlighting again just how tough and resourceful the character can be. Hugo Petrus contributes art to the issue also, and his work dovetails wonderfully with ACO’s making it hard to differentiate the two. As a result, the overall flow of the issue isn’t disrupted, as can sometimes be the case with shared art duties. ACO’s flair for action does not overshadow his gift for subtle storytelling, though, with moments of poignancy shown from cleverly crafted perspectives.

With ‘The Unified’ now an actual formidable threat, and the might of Apollo by the side of Midnighter, the series is primed for a knockdown, drag-out conclusion. Although the news of the series’ cancellation must sting, it’s great to see the creative team haven’t taken their eye off the ball, maintaining the same high standards from issue one, and if the conclusion continues that trend, it’s one I certainly won’t want to miss.

Rating: 4/5.

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  1. In my opinion, this is the best book coming out of DC right now.

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