Supa Modo “Will Have Audiences Both Laughing and Crying” [REVIEW]

Image courtesy of the Berlin Film Festival

Supa Modo had its UK premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and there was not a dry eye left in the house by the end of the film. Directed by Kenyan film maker Likarion Wainaina, the story of Supa Modo sends the audience on an emotional roller coaster as they follow Jo, a terminally ill nine-year old girl from the village of Maweni.

Obsessed with superheroes and action stars, the powers of her favourite characters help Jo stay strong whilst fighting her illness. Posters of her heroes fill the walls of both the hospital and her room when her mother takes her home. The highlight of her week is when Mike visits the hospital and delights children with various action and superhero films.

Stycie Waweru is fantastic as the starring role of Jo, and the chemistry between Stycie and the rest of the cast leaves you believing they could be a real community. Maryanne Nungo plays the role of the concerned mother perfectly,  Nyawara Ndambia the rebellious sister that just wants to see Jo happy, and Johnson Chege adds cheekiness and comedy as family friend Mike.

The film has a strong sense of community and family bonds that add a sweetness to the film that counteracts the dark reality. The community want to help Jo and her family, and play along with her superhero tricks to keep a smile on her face. It is the community bond that helps Jo to fulfill a dying wish of bringing Supa Modo to life on the big screen.

The pint-sized super heroine teaches audiences how to use their imaginations to cope when life get tough. Supa Modo is a film that will have audiences both laughing and crying throughout, but which ultimately leaves you with a smile on your face.

12342801_1032454986804921_8148860193234525928_nThe writer of this piece was: Louise Saul (aka Tiny Tigress Cosplay)
Louise Tweets from @AikiSaul


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