BHP Comics To Launch Kickstarter For Final Chapter of Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles

On Monday the 1st of April, BHP Comics will be launching a Kickstarter to fund the third and final volume of their award-winning graphic novel series, Plagued: The Miranda Chronicles.

Backers will have the chance to fund production of the book – the brainchild of writer Gary Chudleigh and artist Tanya Roberts – and get some fantastic rewards in return, including exclusive prints, signed copies of the script, and even the chance to have a cameo in the book!

Published by BHP Comics – Scotland’s leading comics and graphic novels publisher – Plagued is perfect for tweens, young adults and adults who like sci-fi and fantasy adventure stories.

The book follows a rebel witch Miranda, who teams up with a former witch hunter to cure a worldwide sickness using magic, all while fighting against an evil corporation that rules the world.

Volume 3 will be the explosive finale in which Miranda and a coven of witches go to war against a villain determined to destroy everyone in his path.

Volume 1 and 2 are currently available to buy in all good book stores across the UK, North America, Amazon and the BHP Store, and if you want a quick taster of what you’ve been missing, check out my review of the second volume where I called it “a fun, upbeat all-ages title I have absolutely no problem recommending, particularly if you have a younger comic reader in your life” by CLICKING HERE.

The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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