Figure Review – Masters of the Universe Origins Fall 2022 Releases

Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Origins line has been incredibly well received for the most part by the passionate fanbase, providing an authentic retro toy experience at a far more affordable price tag than the (admittedly awesome) MOTU Classics figures.

As such, the waves of Origins figures just keep coming, with fans eagerly awaiting new announcements to see if any of their personal favourites made the cut.

So with that in mind, let’s see what we can look forward to in the coming months.


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VERDICT: Talk about kicking off with an absolute banger. Fan favourite Horde member Mantenna gets the Origins treatment here, with his eye-popping action very much intact along with four (count em!) legs. The eye-popping seems to be activated by pushing down on the figure’s head this time rather than via a lever on the back, which I have absolutely no problem with, and the familiar Horde crossbow is present and accounted for.

Personally speaking, the Horde were some of my absolute favourite figures growing up, and with Leech and a fully furry Grizzlor already confirmed for this fall, fans are going to be able to assemble a pretty formidable version of Hordak’s henchmen I’m the near future – even if those damn Horde Troopers are damn near impossible to get your hands on


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VERDICT: Gotta say, I was never the biggest fan of this character as a kid, but Mattel have certainly done a great job of recreating the tail-lashing bad guy in all his viridescent glory here. Definitely a worthwhile purchase for fans looking to flesh out their baddie collection, but perhaps not quite as exciting as the aforementioned Horde.

My main concern from these images is that his trademark tail looks to be hard plastic rather than the classic rubber of the ‘80s version, and while this will very likely make it a lot easier to stand ol’ Whippy up, it isn’t quite as cool as the original.

King Randor

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VERDICT: Another figure that I’m not personally hugely excited by, we have King Randor in all his Burger King glory.  That said, this is yet another impressive recreation of the 1987 version, albeit with a hard plastic cape rather than the original cloth version which, let’s be honest, was a lot cooler.

Not much to say here, really.  If you’re a completionist, or just really like your corporate burger mascots in MOTU Action Figure form, then you’ll definitely want to pick this one up.  For the rest of us, this feels like the easiest figure of the upcoming releases to skip altogether.


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VERDICT:  Now we’re talking! One of the undisputedly coolest vehicles from the original ’80s releases, Roton gets a 2022 remake, and it looks fantastic! It comes with a ton of accessories, most of which I’m fairly comfortable in saying will be cheerily disregarded by the bulk of collectors.  The swiveling lasers are fun enough, but nobody really wants their Evil Mechanised Buzzsaw to have a protective roll cage, surely?

The one thing that isn’t clear from the images released already is how (or indeed if) the functionality of the original vehicle is being recreated here.  Previously, when you pushed the vehicle across the floor, the wheels on the bottom spun the red “rotor blades” on the outside, making a pretty cool sound in the process.  I’m hoping the new version stays as true to that design as possible, but either way, this is a brilliant recreation of a classic vehicle that I’m sure a lot of people are going to be very excited about getting their hands on.

200X He-Man

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VERDICT:  While it’s widely considered by a significant chunk of the fanbase to be the best animated iteration of Masters of the Universe, the Mike Young Productions “200X” He-Man figures weren’t without their flaws.  Yes, they looked the absolute business, but the articulation was sorely lacking, and they were also somewhat brittle when compared to their borderline indestructible 1980s predecessors.   So in theory, giving these popular designs the Origins treatment should work, right?  Well…

Okay, so this isn’t a bad figure, as such.  But it’s essentially just another He-Man with a brown harness and one of the worst Power Swords ever designed.  The looped at the back of the harness is a cool addition, and allows the sword to be hidden from view (always a plus) in favour of the Battle Axe, but the whole thing just feels completely unnecessary when the end result is so incredibly similar to the dozens of other He-Men out there on the shelves.

200X Skeletor

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VERDICT:  Rounding out this latest recap,we have the 200X version of Skeletor.  A lot of what I just said about his heroic counterpart definitely applies here, but I dunno… there’s just something about this one that works for me.  The new head sculpt, while not a look I’m personally hugely fond of, is definitely distinctive enough to warrant the figure’s inclusion on your shelves, as is the red highlighting on the darker purple armor and shin-guards.

I’m all for Mattel releasing Origins versions of the 200X designs, and there some absolutely belting prospects out there should they opt to continue down this path a little further (Origins 200X Sy-Klone with his honking great Blade Ring would be a cracking addition), but kicking things off with two figures who look so similar to their existing versions has slightly dampened the excitement for this new strategy – for this collector, at least.

The writer of this piece was: Craig Neilson-Adams (aka Ceej)
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