Five comic series’ that NEED to be made into TV shows!

With the release of Agent Carter last week, Marvel is taking a further step into the world of television. With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. already airing, as well as the upcoming Netflix series’, it looks like they’re set to dominate the small screen as well as the movie industry. The only other Comic Book competition they have at the moment is in the shape of D.C.’s contributions, Arrow, The Flash and Gotham. While these series’ have undoubtedly proven popular, they have still attracted a fair amount of negative reviews. However, the potential for television properties doesn’t begin and end with the “big two”, and in celebration of that, here’s what we think the rest of the comic industry could contribute to our television screens:


Black Science

The Remender/Scalera series from Image Comics is the perfect mix of Lost in Space and a SyFy series like Terra Nova. The story follows Grant McKay, his team of scientists and his family, as they are trapped jumping to parallel universes trying to find a way home. It’s filled with blind turns, cliffhangers that come out of no where, Scalera’s stunning gift at building worlds, and Remender creating a story that is both instantly familiar but fresh and exciting. Somewhere like AMC or even SyFy themselves could do wonders with the series, with stunning visuals and a strong cast.



Come on now, who wouldn’t want to see this series?! Imagine it now, spinning out of the Hellboy films, one part Supernatural, the other True Detectives or Hannibal. Budgetary needs don’t even need to be that high, the only main issues would be the bigger monsters, Liz’s fire and possibly if they go down the Plague of Frogs route? For the uninitiated, B.P.R.D. was created out of Hellboy as the team he was a part of to solve Paranormal mysteries on a global scale. The sheer back catalog of the comic book series is enough to last years and with the depth the story-lines go into and the acceptance of the scarier side of comics (thanks Walking Dead/The Strain) it could be a huge success on one of the larger networks if done right.


Sticking with the Dark Horse/Horror feel, the Tobin/Ferreyra created series follows Declan Thomas, an ex-insane asylum inmate who has the power to “cure” people’s madness. Nimble Jack might well be one of the most terrifying characters of all time, and Ferrerya has created some genuine nightmare fuel with his art on the series, never mind the plot that Tobin has put together. With only one mini series completed and the current title still ongoing, there’s admittedly not much to work with yet, but with some seriously good stuff in place already, there’s definitely a perfect mini in there somewhere!

queensRat Queens

To take it in a totally different direction now, the Kurtis J. Wiebe-written series is foul mouthed, full of drunken debauchery, and viscerally violent. Steeped with that old school fantasy feel that initially makes you want to write it off as another Warcraft/D&D rip off, after a few pages of the series I guarantee you’ll want this show to happen. Never mind the fact that it features four extremely well written female lead characters, it’s got a black humour to it that doesn’t take itself too seriously at all. Already in talks with Heavy Metal to make an animated series of the book, this seems the most likely to happen in the long run, hopefully in the same vein as Adult Swim shows like Metalocalypse, making a no holds barred animated series that’s definitely not for children.

squid-1The Squidder

Probably one of our favourite mini-series from the last year, Ben Templesmith’s Squidder was nothing short of stellar. The world has been ravaged by Cthulu-esque Squid monsters and it’s up to an old forgotten soldier of the Squidder Legion to try and overthrow these alien overlords. If that alone didn’t make you want to see this, then the art style alone should sway you. With a unique saturated style, Templesmith has created a world with enough depth and lore to last a while and a post apocalyptic landscape that would look amazing on the small screen. Maybe done in the style of a few TV movies, like the start of the SyFy BSG, Similarly more recently, Ascension, it has all the makings of in instant cult classic!

What are your thought’s on our list? What would you like to see? Let us know!

Chris_AvatarThe writer of this piece was: Chris Bennett
Article: And Now For Something Completely Different
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3 Comments on Five comic series’ that NEED to be made into TV shows!

  1. tampaflevapesmoke // January 11, 2015 at 7:29 pm // Reply

    How about a mini series on Y, The Last Man I would definitely watch that and the actress who plays Michonne in The Walking Dead plays Agent 55 or whatever number that was.

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