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One of the most intriguing aspects of the annual Thought Bubble Sequential Art Festival, for me at least, is the incredible array of small press and self published titles that are released at the con every year. With over 90 books released at last year’s event, and that number looking to be eclipsed again this year, I decided to make it my mission to get my hands on as many of them as possible and share my thoughts on just what they all had to offer.

Thankfully, practically every single creator I contacted was more than happy to assist, generously furnishing me with information, advance review copies, preview artwork and anything else I could possibly hope for.  I’m hugely grateful to each and every one of them for their assistance, and I’m thrilled to be able to use as a platform to help try and bring these titles to as many sets of eyes as possible.  I’ve always been extremely passionate about the Small Press scene, particularly here in the UK, and the incredibly high standard of work being churned out on a weekly basis up and down the country is a true testament to just how much talent is out there.

Perhaps more than anything else though, the one thing that hit me as the comics started to flood in was the sheer diversity of it all.  From stomach churning horror to tense political drama to cute kittens giving romantic advice, each new comic I read was an absolute treat, and I have to say that – so far, at least – I haven’t read a single bad one.  Maybe I’m lucky, maybe there’s a maelstrom of garbage coming my way, or maybe the standard is just so incredibly high right now that everything has at least something going for it.  I guess only time will tell.

Okay, so enough rambling.  I’m fully aware that I may not, realistically, be able to review every single comic I’ve received prior to the con itself, but i guarantee that they will all be reviewed eventually.  In the meantime though, sit back, relax and take a look at some of the incredible titles that are going on sale this November.

I hope you guys enjoy reading the reviews as much as I enjoyed writing them.

10641047_751181674919427_2223736695529238232_nREVIEW – ‘Horror Show #1’ by George Lennox, Chris Connelly, Jason Mathis and Norrie Millar
Available in the TB Teepee (Table 19), priced £3.99.

untitled1REVIEW – ‘Deadly Burlesque’ by Russell Hillman and Daniel Bell
Available in the Royal Armouries Hall (Table 43), priced £4.

4REVIEW – ‘The Great Salt Lake’ by Matt Taylor
Available in the TB Teepee (Table 16), priced £5.

1229807_729011663821413_4024334572731020450_nREVIEW – ‘GoodCopBadCop: Casebook 2’ by Jim Alexander, Luke Cooper and Will Pickering
Avaialble in the New Dock Hall (Table 100), priced £7.99.

flimsyREVIEW – ‘Ask Flimsy’ by Rachael Smith
Available in the New Dock Hall (Table 63), priced £5.

untitled3REVIEW – ‘Soundimals’ by James Chapman
Available in the New Dock Hall (Table 59), priced £5.

905869_779420712104187_1756052345422156491_oREVIEW – ‘Neverending #2’ by Stephen Sutherland and Gary Kelly
Available in the New Dock Hall (Table 124), priced £4.

untitled4REVIEW – Alien in the Outfield #2 by Jack Kirby and Mat Barnett
Available in the TB Teepee (Table 89), priced £3.

regis - Copy (2)REVIEW – Curia Regis #4 by Robin Hoelzemann
Available in the New Dock Hall (Table 80), priced £5.

Cover-for-Promo - CopyREVIEW – ‘Tempo Lush Tales’ by Richy K. Chandler and various artists
Available in the New Dock Hall (Table 47) priced just £7.

Axolotl-2-jack-fallows-headerREVIEW – “Axolotl #2” by Jack Fallows
Available in the New Dock Hall (Table 187), priced just £3.

Exit - Copy (2)REVIEW – Exit Generation #4 by Sam Read and Caio Oliveira
Available in the New Dock Hall (Table 99).

CoverREVIEW – ‘Endangered & Other Strange Stories’ by Art Heroes
Available in the Royal Armouries Hall (Table 60), priced just £2.50.

dunfunREVIEW – Dungeon Fun: Book Three by Colin Bell and Neil Slorance
Available in the New Dock Hall (Tables 160 and 161).

florist - CopyREVIEW – Night Florist by Becca Tobin
Available in the New Dock Hall (Table 160).

10461389_489740007835798_4461978450978985699_nREVIEW – Space Captain #1: Captain of Space by Michael Park and Chris Baldie
Available in the New Dock Hall (Table 160)

The writer of this piece was: 576682_510764502303144_947146289_nCraig Neilson (aka Ceej)
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